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Table of Contents & Authors Index
Part 1
Environment, Safety, Energy, Quality
A Newly Developed Wastewater Treatment by Using Solidification Reaction of Milk Fats and Proteins Through Ozonation 1
Sato K., Saito T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332001
Optimization of Membrane Bioreactors for the Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater Under Transient Conditions. 7
Di Fabio S., Malamis S., Katsou E., Vecchiato G., Cecchi F., Fatone F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332002
Seismic Vulnerability of Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plants 13
Panico A., Lanzano G., Salzano E., Santucci De Magistris F., Fabbrocino G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332003
Spent Tea Leaves as a Potential Low-cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Azo Dyes from Wastewater 19
Zuorro A., Lavecchia R., Medici F., Piga L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332004
Remediation of Post Treated Fluorinated Photovoltaic Wastewater by Electrocoagulation 25
Palahouane B., Drouiche N., Bensadok K., Aoudj S., Hecini M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332005
A Comparison Between Pump & Treat Technique and Permeable Reactive Barriers for the Remediation of Groundwater Contaminated by Chlorinated Organic Compounds 31
Bortone I., Chianese S., Di Nardo A., Di Natale M., Erto A., Musmarra D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332006
A Three Year Long Experience of Effective Fouling Inhibition by Threshold Flux Based Optimization Methods on a Nf Membrane Module for Olive Mill Wastewater Treatment 37
Stoller M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332007
Optimisation of 3d-organized Mesoporous Silica Containing Iron and Aluminium Oxides for the Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater 43
Glocheux Y., Gholamvand Z., Nolan K., Morrissey A., Allen S., Walker G.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332008
An Estimation of Urban Fragmentation of Natural Habitats: Case Studies of the 24 Italian National Parks 49
Astiaso Garcia D., Bruschi D., Cinquepalmi F., Cumo F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332009
Adsorption of Lead from Aqueous Solution Onto Untreated Orange Barks 55
Azouaou N., Belmedani M., Mokaddem H., Sadaoui Z. DOI:10.3303/CET1332010
Low Cost Adsorbent for Emerging Contaminant Removal in Fixed-bed Columns 61
Alvarez S.T., Sotelo J.L., Ovejero G., Rodriguez A., Garcia J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332011
Single and Competitive Adsorption of Toluene and Naphthalene Onto Activated Carbon 67
Iovino P., Canzano S., Capasso S., Di Natale M., Erto A., Lama A., Musmarra D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332012
Applying of a Neural Network in Effluent Treatment Simulation as a Environmental Solution for Textile Industry 73
Rosa J.M., Prado K.R.M., Alves W.A.L., Pereira F.H., Santana J.C.C., Tambourgi E.B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332013
Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dyes in a Tio2/uv System 79
Sima J., Hasal P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332014
Cotton Filter Fabrics Functionalization by Chitosan Uv-grafting for Removal of Dyes 85
Periolatto M., Ferrero F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332015
Vulnerability and Resilience of the Territory Concerning Risk of Dangerous Goods Transportation (dgt): Proposal of a Spatial Model 91
Garbolino E., Lachtar D., Sacile R., Bersani C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332016
Hazmat Liquid Release Following a Tank Truck Accident: Cross-check Modelling and Field Data Validation 97
Vairo T., Pastorino R., Reverberi A.P., Fabiano B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332017
Reducing the Consequences of Accidental Fires in Oil&gas Facilities: a Risk-based Procedure for Identification of the Fireproofing Zones 103
Tugnoli A., Cozzani V., Di Padova A., Barbaresi T., Tallone F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332018
Minimizing the Risk in the Process Industry by Using a Plant Simulator: a Novel Approach 109
Nazir S., Colombo S., Manca D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332019
Hazardous and Noxious Substances (hns) Risk Assessment Along the Italian Coastline 115
Astiaso Garcia D., Cumo F., Gugliermetti F., Rosa F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332020
Limiting Distances for Flame Merging of Multiple N-heptane and Di-tert-butyl Peroxide Pool Fires 121
Schaelike S., Mishra K., Wehrstedt K.D., Schonbucher A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332021
The Frequency of Release from Piping: a Case-study to Compare Approaches Quantifying Organizational and Managerial Factors 127
Milazzo M.F., Vianello C., Maschio G., Mura A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332022
Analysis and Comparison of Calculation Methods for Physical Explosions of Compressed Gases 133
Bubbico R., Mazzarotta B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332023
Accident Scenarios Caused by Lightning Impact on Atmospheric Storage Tanks 139
Necci A., Antonioni G., Krausmann E., Argenti F., Landucci G., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332024
Fast Turbulent Flames in Duct -vented Gas Explosion 145
Kasmani R.M., Andrews G., Phylaktou H.N., Hashim M.H., Ibrahim N., Ali R.R., Hasbullah H. DOI:10.3303/CET1332025
Improvement of Methane Yield from Maize Silage by a Two-stage Anaerobic Process 151
Colussi I., Cortesi A., Del Piccolo C., Gallo V., Rubesa Fernandez A.S., Vitanza R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332026
Production and Performance of Short Chain Fatty Acids to Enhance the Via-nitrite Biological Nutrients Removal from Anaerobic Supernatant 157
Frison N., Zanetti L., Katsou E., Malamis S., Cecchi F., Fatone F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332027
Experimental Verification of Methane Replacement in Gas Hydrates by Carbon Dioxide 163
Seo Y., Lee S., Lee J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332028
Environmental and Safety Aspects of Integrated Biorefineries (ibr) in Italy 169
Accardi D.S., Bubbico R., Di Palma L., Pietrangeli B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332029
Exploitation of Agricultural Biomasses to Produce Ii-generation Biodiesel 175
Pirozzi D., Ausiello A., Strazza R., Trofa M., Zuccaro G., Toscano G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332030
A Prevention Through Design Approach for the Environmental S&h Conditions and the Ventilation System at an Italian Underground Quarry 181
Borchiellini R., Cardu M., Colella F., Labagnara D., Martinetti A., Patrucco M., Sandrin D., Verda V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332031
The Impact of Reach and Clp Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Materials Storages 187
Mure S., Demichela M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332032
Using Fuzzy Logic to Introduce the Human Factor in the Failure Frequency Estimation of Storage Vessels in Chemical Plants 193
Gonzalez J.R., Darbra R.M., Arnaldos J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332033
Safe Operation of Biogas Plants in Italy 199
Pietrangeli B., Lauri R., Bragatto P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332034
Production and Characterization of Adsorbent Materials from Sewage Sludge by Pyrolysis 205
De Filippis P., Di Palma L., Petrucci E., Scarsella M., Verdone N. DOI:10.3303/CET1332035
A Cape Based Life Cycle Assessment for Evaluating the Environmental Performance of Non-food Agro-processes 211
Gillani S.T., Belaud J.P., Sablayrolles C., Vignoles M., Le Lann J.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332036
Computer Aided Evaluation of Eco-efficiency of Refinery Combustion Processes 217
Saavedra J., Merino L., Kafarov V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332037
Stabilisation/solidification of Radionuclides Polluted Soils: Development and Application of a Mathematical Model for the Assessment of the G-radiation Shielding Capacity 223
Falciglia P., Cannata S., Pace F., Romano S., Vagliasindi F.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332038
Formation, Information and Training for the Maintenance Operations: the Lesson Learned from Fatal Accidents 229
Luzzi R., Maida L., Martinetti A., Patrucco M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332039
Performance Assessment of an Emergency Plan Using Petri Nets 235
Hamzi R., Innal F., Boudaa A., Chati M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332040
Effect of the Outlet Air Reuse on Thermal Efficiency of a Pilot Plant Spray Dryer with Rotary Atomizer 241
Toneli J.T.D.C.L., Monteiro L.B., Briso M.A.J., Moraes Junior D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332041
Integration of Geothermal Energy in the Case of North-eastern Morocco 247
Barkaoui A.E., Nemet A., Varbanov P.S., Klemes J.J., Zarhloule Y., Rimi A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332042
Energy Saving Strategies in Green Data Center Designing Based on Aerosol Corrosion Prevention 253
Ferrero L., Sangiorgi G., Perrone M.G., Moscatelli M., D Angelo L., Rovelli G., Ariatta A., Bolzacchini E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332043
Maintenance an Opportunity for Energy Saving 259
Darabnia B., Demichela M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332044
Effective Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachates by Means of Selected White Rot Fungi 265
Tigini V., Spina F., Romagnolo A., Prigione V., Varese G.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332045
Contribution to Diffusion Processes Utilization for Vulnerability Assessment 271
Valis D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332046
Decision Making Support Based on a Process Engineering Ontology for Waste Treatment Plant Optimization 277
Munoz E., Capon E., Hungerbuhler K., Espuna A., Puigjaner L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332047
The Bitumen Extraction from Nigerian Tar Sand Using Dense Carbon Dioxide 283
Spirov P., Rudyk S., Tyrovolas A., Jimoh I. DOI:10.3303/CET1332048
A Gas-phase Electrochemical Reactor for Carbon Dioxide Reduction Back to Liquid Fuels 289
Genovese C., Ampelli C., Perathoner S., Centi G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332049
Development of 115cd/115m in Generator for Industrial and Environmental Applications 295
Camargo F.C.F., Pinto A.M.F., Moreira R.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332050
Influence of Applying Halloysite and Zeolite to Soil Contaminated Nickel on the Content of Selected Minerals in Maize (zea Mays L.) 301
Radziemska M., Mazur Z., Jeznach J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332051
Adsorption of Synthetic Orange Dye Wastewater in Organoclay 307
Andreo Dos Santos O. A., Zago Castelli C., Fernanda Oliveira M., Almeida Neto A.F., da Silva M. G. C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332052
Adsorption of Toluene in Batch System in Natural Clay and Organoclay 313
Bedin S., Fernanda Oliveira M., Vieira M.G.A., Andreo Dos Santos O. A., da Silva M. G. C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332053
Biological Denitrification of High-nitrate Wastewater: a Comparison Between Three Electron Donors 319
De Filippis P., Di Palma L., Scarsella M., Verdone N. DOI:10.3303/CET1332054
On the Effect of the Coal Ash Pre-treatment as a Mean to Improve Their Sorptive Behavior Toward Heavy Metals in Wastewaters 325
Balsamo M., Di Natale F., Erto A., Montagnaro F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332055
Removal of Dissolved Metals from Road Runoff Using Zeolite Prbs 331
Pawluk K., Fronczyk J., Garbulewski K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332056
Steam Gasification of Refuse Derived Fuel in a Rotary Kiln Pilot Plant: Experimental Tests 337
Molino A., Iovane P., Donatelli A., Braccio G., Chianese S., Musmarra D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332057
Electrodeposition and Photo-electrochemical Behavior of Cigs Thin Films and Nanowire Arrays for Solar Cell 343
Inguanta R., Spano T., Oliveri L., Piazza S., Sunseri C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332058
Use of Banana Culture Waste to Produce Briquettes 349
Sellin N., Oliveira B.G., Marangoni C., Souza O., Oliveira A.P.N., Oliveira T.M.N. DOI:10.3303/CET1332059
Smart Tiles for the Preservation of Indoor Air Quality 355
Sannino D., Vaiano V., Sarno G., Ciambelli P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332060
New Technologies for Marine Diesel Engine Emission Control 361
Di Natale F., Carotenuto C., D Addio L., Lancia A., Antes T., Szudyga M., Jaworek A., Gregory D., Jackson M., Volpe P., Beleca B., Manivannan N., Abbod M., Balachandran W. DOI:10.3303/CET1332061
Analysis of Potential Applicability of the Potentiometric Urea Biosensor to Real Samples 367
Flores R.O., Silva L.M.C., Melo A.F., Salgado A.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332062
Development and Application of a Mathematical Model for the Assessment of the Treatability of Radionuclides Polluted Soils by Microwave Heating Stabilisation: Preliminary Results 373
Falciglia P., Cannata S., Urso G., Scandurra P., Triglia A., Romano S., Vagliasindi F.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332063
Enhanced Phytoextraction of Lead by Indian Mustard Using Electric Field 379
Falciglia P., Vagliasindi F.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332064
Stabilisation/solidification of Lead Polluted Soils: Influence of Contamination Level and Soil:binder Ratio on the Properties of Cement-fly Ash Treated Soils 385
Falciglia P., Vagliasindi F.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332065
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (edcs) in Municipal Wastewaters: Effective Degradation and Detoxification by Fungal Laccases 391
Spina F., Cordero C., Sgorbini B., Schiliro T., Gilli G., Bicchi C., Varese G.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332066
Comparison of Critical and Threshold Fluxes on Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration by Treating 2-phase Or 3-phase Olive Mill Wastewater 397
Stoller M., Ochando Pulido J.M., Chianese A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332067
Analysis of the Flash-fire Scenario in the Viareggio Accident 403
Tugnoli A., Salzano E., Di Benedetto A., Russo P., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332068
Study of Volatile from ‘pera’ Sweet Orange Peel Using Karl Fischer Titration and Gc/ms Techniques 409
Zanella K., Pinheiro C.L., Tomaz E., Taranto O.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332069
Vulnerability of Pipelines Subjected to Permanent Deformation Due to Geotechnical Co-seismic Effects 415
Lanzano G., Salzano E., Santucci De Magistris F., Fabbrocino G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332070
Advanced Processes of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins Removal in Supply Water Treatment 421
Camacho F., Bongiovani M., Arakawa F.S., Shimabuku Q.L., Vieira A.M.S., Bergamasco R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332071
The Performance of Inorganic Passive Fire Protections: an Experimental and Modelling Study 427
Tugnoli A., Landucci G., Villa V., Argenti F., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332072
Dypasi Methodology: from Information Retrieval to Integration of Hazid Process 433
Paltrinieri N., Tugnoli A., Buston J., Wardman M., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332073
Life Cycle Energy and Environmental Analysis Study of a Model Biorefinery in Thailand 439
Chinnawornrungsee R., Malakul P., Mungcharoen T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332074
Vulnerability Assessment for Human Targets Due Ash Fallout from Mt. Etna 445
Demichela M., Maschio G., Milazzo M.F., Salzano E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332075
Energy Efficiency Improvement of Alkaline Water Electrolysis by Using 3D Ni Cathodes Fabricated via a Double-template Electrochemical Process 451
Herraiz-Cardona I., Gonzalez-Buch C., Ortega E., Garcia-Anton J., Perez-Herranz V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332076
Batch and Continuous Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste: Effect of Trace Elements Supplementation 457
Facchin V., Cavinato C., Pavan P., Bolzonella D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332077
Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated with Biodiesel and Glycerin - Results of Soil Microbial Adaptation Through Evidence Contaminants Removal 463
Lemos D.A., Cardoso S.L., Vieira P.A., Cardoso V.L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332078
A Numerical Model of the Soil Flushing Remediation in a Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil 469
Antonucci A., Viotti P., Luciano A., Mancini G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332079
The Impact of Local Regulations on Land Use Planning for Seveso Sites: Smes Perspective 475
Camuncoli G., Demichela M., Pilone E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332080
Study of the Biodegradability of the Drugs in the Urban Wastewater Using the Actived Sludge Process 481
Ghoualem H., Naitali F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332081
Anaerobic Digestion of Residual Lignocellulosic Materials to Biogas and Biohydrogen 487
Toscano G., Ausiello A., Micoli L., Zuccaro G., Pirozzi D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332082
Comparison of Ultrasonic-assisted Sorption Under Different Conditions of the Process 493
Stepniak L., Olesiak P., Stanczyk-Mazanek E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332083
Properties of Sorption Complex and Humic Acids in Sandy Soils Fertilized with Sewage Sludge 499
Stanczyk-Mazanek E., Stepniak L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332084
Removal of Xenobiotic Compounds from Wastewater for Environment Protection: Treatment Processes and Costs 505
Roccaro P., Sgroi M., Vagliasindi F.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332085
Thermodynamics And Interfacial Phenomena
Enhanced Heat Transfer Surface Development for Exterior Tube Surfaces 511
Kukulka D.J., Smith R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332086
Heat Transfer Evaluation of Multicomponent Batch Distillation of the Wine of Sugarcane Fermentation 517
Torres Alvarez M., Bermudez J.H., Moraes E., Bonon A., Wolf Maciel M.R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332087
Generalization of a Double-point Method to Determine the Intrinsic Viscosity in a Polymer-solvent Mixture 523
Diez E.A., Diaz I., Camacho J., Ovejero G., Romero M.D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332088
Phase Transition and Volume Expansion in Co2-expanded Liquid Systems 529
Denardin F.G., Vieira De Melo S.A.B., Mammucari R., Foster N.R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332089
Estimation of Physical Properties of Vegetable Oils and Biodiesel, Using Group Contribution Methods 535
Cunico L.P., Ceriani R., Guirardello R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332090
Sensitivity Analysis for the Thermal Stability Criteria of Hydrogen Peroxide 541
Casson V., Salzano E., Maschio G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332091
Adsorption of Mercury Chloride Onto Activated Carbon on a New Pilot Scale Plant 547
Musmarra D., Karatza D., Lancia A., Prisciandaro M., Mazziotti Di Celso G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332092
Thermodynamic Analysis of Supercritical Water Gasification of Microalgae Biomass for Hydrogen and Syngas Production 553
Freitas A.C., Guirardello R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332093
Study of Sorption Properties of Zeolite in Acidic Conditions in Dependence on Particle Size 559
Holub M., Balintova M., Pavlikova P., Palascakova L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332094
Convection During the Fluid Heating by Laser Emission 565
Karlov S., Kazenin D., Vyazmin A., Pirogova O., Okhotnikova K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332095
Solid-fluid Equilibrium for the System Activated Carbon and Aqueous Solutions of Phenol Under Supercritical Water Conditions 571
Di Giacomo G., Taglieri L., Martinez De La Ossa E.J., Pereyra C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332096
Enthalpy of Dissociation of Simple and Mixed Carbon Dioxide Clathrate Hydrate 577
Lirio C., Pessoa F.L.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332097
Part 2
Reaction Engineering
Partial Oxidation Catalysts Derived from Ni Containing Alloys for Biomass Gasification Process 583
Tagawa T., De La Rama S.R., Kawai S., Yamada H. DOI:10.3303/CET1332098
Application of Biomass to Hydrogen and Syngas Production 589
Peres A.P., Lunelli B.H., Maciel Filho R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332099
Fluidized Bed Gasification of Biomass and Biomass/coal Pellets in Oxygen and Steam Atmosphere 595
Ruoppolo G., Miccio F., Brachi P., Picarelli A., Chirone R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332100
Pyrolysis of Thick Biomass Particles: Experimental and Kinetic Modeling 601
Gauthier G., Melkior T., Salvador S., Corbetta M., Frassoldati A., Pierucci S., Ranzi E., Bennadjid H., Fisher E.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332101
Sustainable Combined Production of Hydrogen and Energy from Biomass in Malaysia 607
Lange S., Pellegrini L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332102
Kinetic Modelling for the Dehydration of Methanol to Dimethyl Ether over G-al2o3 613
Sierra I., Erena J., Aguayo A., Ateka A., Bilbao J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332103
Pd-zn Containing Catalysts for Ethanol Conversion Towards Hydrocarbons 619
Chistyakov A., Murzin V., Gubanov M., Tsodikov M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332104
Photocatalytic Synthesis of Acetaldehyde by Selective Oxidation of Ethanol on Ruox-vox/tio2 625
Sannino D., Vaiano V., Samo G., Ciambelli P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332105
Selective Oxidation of H2s to Sulphur from Biogas on V2o5/ceo2 Catalysts 631
Palma V., Barba D., Ciambelli P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332106
Three Dimensional Simulation of Catalytic Cracking Reactions in an Industrial Scale Riser Using a 11-lump Kinetic 637
Barbosa A.C., Lopes G.C., Rosa L.M., Mori M., Martignoni W.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332107
Development of a Kinetic Model of Lean-nox-trap and Validation Through a Reactive CFD Aprroach 643
Corbetta M., Manenti F., Visconti C.G., Pierucci S., Lietti L., Forzatti P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332108
Reaction Network Upon One-pot Catalytic Conversion of Pulp 649
Ahlkvist J., Ajaikumar S., Larsson W., Warna J., Salmi T., Mikkola J.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332109
Ignition and Quenching Behaviour of High Pressure Ch4 Catalytic Combustion over a Lamno3 Honeycomb 655
Barbato P.S., Di Benedetto A., Di Sarli V., Landi G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332110
Catalytic Oxidation of Mercaptans in Light Oil Sweetening: Kinetics and Reactor Design 661
Ganguly S., Das G., Kumar G., Kumar S., Sain B., Garg M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332111
Experimental Investigation of Flash Pyrolysis Oil Droplet Combustion 667
Ibrahim N., Jensen P.A., Dam-Johansen K., Abdul Hamid M.K., Kasmani R.M., Ali R.R., Hasbullah H. DOI:10.3303/CET1332112
Hydrogen Peroxide Direct Synthesis: Enhancement of Selectivity and Production with Non-conventional Methods 673
Biasi P., Garcia Serna J., Salmi T., Mikkola J.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332113
A Continuous Membrane Reactor for Benzene Hydroxylation to Phenol 679
Al-Megren H.A., Poerio T., Brunetti A., Barbieri G., Drioli E., Al-Hedaib B. S. A., Al-Hamdan A. S. N. , Al-Kinany M.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332114
Continuous Synthesis of a High Energetic Substance Using Small Scale Reactors 685
Fritzsche L., Knorr A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332115
Understanding the Physics of Advanced Oxidation in a Venturi Reactor 691
Capocelli M., Prisciandaro M., Musmarra D., Lancia A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332116
A Systematic Investigation to Obtain Physical Assets on the Moon Through Self-propagating High-temperature Reactions 697
Corrias G., Licheri R., Orru R., Cao G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332117
Quantitative Analysis of Evolved Gas in the Thermal Decomposition of a Tobacco Substrate 703
Barontini F., Rocchi M., Tugnoli A., Cozzani V., Tetteh J., Jarriault M., Zinovik I. DOI:10.3303/CET1332118
Analysis of Oxy-coal Combustion Through Measurements in a Pilot-scale Entrained Flow Reactor 709
Galletti C., Giovannini L., Coraggio G., Tognotti L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332119
Dyeing Mechanism of Wool and Silk with Extract of Allium Cepa 715
Silva A.B., Silva M.G., Arroyo P.A., Barros M.A.S.D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332120
Computational Analysis of a Vortex Ingesting Bioreactor for Hydrogen Production 721
Montante G., Coroneo M., Francesconi J., Paglianti A., Magelli F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332121
Optimal Production of Biohydrogen Gas via Microbial Electrolysis Cells (mec) in a Controlled Batch Reactor System 727
Yahya A., Abdul Wahab A.K., Hussain M.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332122
An Integrated Approach for the Early Detection of Runaway Reactions by Using Uv-visible and Temperature Sensors 733
Ampelli C., Casson V., Maschio G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332123
Searching for Rate Determining Step of Cnt Formation: the Role of Cementite 739
Pellegrino L., Daghetta M., Pelosato R., Citterio A., Mazzocchia C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332124
Developing Carbon Tolerance Catalyst for Dry Methane Reforming 745
Tungkamani S., Phongaksorn M., Narataruksa P., Sornchamni T., Kanjanabat N., Siri-Nguan N. DOI:10.3303/CET1332125
Theoretical Exploration on the Characterization of B-trichloroborazine and Its Derivatives 751
Han Q.Z., Wang Z.F., Su W.Y., Zhang H.Z., Wen H. DOI:10.3303/CET1332126
Modeling and Simulation of an Emulsion Copolymerization Process 757
Copelli S., Dente M., Derudi M., Bozzano G., Torretta V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332127
Modeling the Star-branched Polymer Coupling Reaction in Continuous Reactors: Effects of the Operating Conditions on the Molecular Weight Distribution 763
Milia A., Tronci S., Grosso M., Solito A., Coppola S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332128
Modelling and Simulation of a Batch Poly(vinyl Chloride) Reactor 769
Barkanyi A., Nemeth S., Lakatos B.G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332129
Detailed Modelling of an Industrial Process: Vinyl Acetate Emulsion Homopolymerization 775
Copelli S., Storti G., Torretta V., Derudi M., Sala Cattaneo C., Rota R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332130
Limestone-gypsum Flue Gas Desulfurization Processes: Modeling of Catalyzed Bisulfite Oxidation 781
Mazziotti Di Celso G., Karatza D., Lancia A., Musmarra D., Prisciandaro M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332131
Combination of Classical and Molecular Modeling Approaches to Investigate the Effect of Antipsychotic Drugs on Cell Proliferation Kinetics 787
Pieroni E., Kumar A., Pisu M., Genna V., Concas A., Cao G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332132
Modeling of Fischer-tropsch Product Distribution over Fe-based Catalyst 793
Todic B., Olewski T., Nikacevic N., Bukur D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332133
Catalyst Load Optimization for Microwave Susceptible Catalysed Dpf 799
Palma V., Ciambelli P., Meloni E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332134
Bimetallic Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation by Low Temperature Ethanol Steam Reforming 805
Palma V., Castaldo F., Ciambelli P., Iaquaniello G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332135
Non-linear Analysis of Feedback Controlled Aerobic Cultures 811
Olivieri G., Russo M.E., Mancusi E., Marzocchella A., Maffettone P.L., Salatino P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332136
Transesterification of Soybean Oil for Biodiesel Production Using Hydrotalcite as Basic Catalyst 817
Martins M.I., Pires R.F., Alves M.J., Hori C.E., Reis M.H.M., Cardoso V.L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332137
Evaluation of Zno Catalyst Supported on Zeolite Naa in the Photocatalytic Degradation of Vinasse Pretreated by Coagulation/flocculation 823
Souza R.P., Ferrari-Lima A.M., Lini Seixas F., Batistela V., Favaro S., Hioka N., Fernandes-Machado N.R.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332138
Biodiesel Production from Supercritical Ethanolysis of Soybean Oil 829
Nascimento F., Oliveira A., Paredes M., Costa A., Pessoa F.L.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332139
Production of Hydrogen for Fuel Cell: Microchannel Reactor Modeling for Combustion and Reform of Ethanol in Alternate Channels 835
De Souza M., Faria S., Zanin G., Moraes F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332140
The Influence of the Chelating Agent Nitrilotriacetic Acid on Promotion of Hydrodesulfurization Actvity by CO in Como Catalysts Prepared on Al2o3, C, and Zro2 Supports 841
Kaluza L., Zdrazil M., Gulkova D., Vit Z. DOI:10.3303/CET1332141
Selective Hydrogenation of 1-hexyne Using Pd-cu and Pd-w Supported on Alumina Catalysts 847
Insorn P., Suriyaphaparkorn K., Kitiyanan B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332142
A Comprehensive Approach to the Characterization of second Generation Biofuels 853
Biagini E., Simone M., Barontini F., Tognotti L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332143
Dehydroisomerisation Reaction in a Membrane Reactor: Thermodynamic Analysis 859
Barbieri G., Mirabelli I., Brunetti A., Drioli E., Al-Megren H.A., Al-Kinany M.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332144
Development of Ni-mo, Ni-w and Ni-co Macroporous Materials for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 865
Gonzalez-Buch C., Herraiz-Cardona I., Ortega E., Garcia-Anton J., Perez-Herranz V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332145
Investigation of Reaction Pathways and Kinetics of Turkish Asphaltenes 871
Akmaz S., Deniz C., Yasar M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332146
Ethers of Glycerol and Isoamylenes as Biodiesel Additives: Synthesis and Characterisation 877
Izquierdo J.F., Outon P.R., Galan M., Jutglar L., Villarrubia M., Hermo M.P., Ariza X., Fernandez I. DOI:10.3303/CET1332147
Transesterification Reaction Using Zinc Aluminate as Heterogeneous Catalyst and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 883
Alves C.T., Andrade H.M.C.D., Santos R.C., Vieira De Melo S.A.B., Torres E.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332148
Characterization and Quartz Enrichment of the Hoggar Deposit Intended for the Electrometallurgy 889
Kheloufi A., Fathi M., Rahab H., Kefaifi A., Keffous A., Medjahed S.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332149
Gasification of Sewage Sludge: Mathematical Modelling of an Updraft Gasifier 895
Seggiani M., Puccini M., Vitolo S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332150
Potential of Microalgae Scenedesmus Obliquus Grown in Brewery Wastewater for Biodiesel Production 901
Mata T., Melo A., Meireles S., Mendes A., Martins A., Caetano N.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332151
Production in Fed-batch Reactor of Bacillus Subtilis Lipasea Immobilized on Its Own Producer S. Cerevisiae Cells 907
Paciello L., Landi C., Zueco J., Parascandola P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332152
Experimental Investigation of Fluid Dynamics in a Gravitational Local Recirculation Photobioreactor 913
Moroni M., Cicci A., Bravi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332153
Novel Separation of Samarium, Europium and Gadolinium Using a Column Packed with Microcapsules Containing 2_ethylexylphosphonic Acid Mono-2-ethylexyl Ester 919
Kondo K., Oguri M., Matsumoto M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332154
Evaluation of Pyrolysis and Steam Gasification Processes of Sugarcane Bagasse in a Fixed Bed Reactor 925
Jaimes Figueroa J.E., Ardila Y.C., Lunelli B.H., Maciel Filho R., Wolf Maciel M.R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332155
Advances in Phas Production 931
Amache R., Sukan A., Safari M., Roy I., Keshavarz T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332156
Butanol Production by Clostridium Acetobutylicum in a Continuous Packed Bed Reactor Fed with Cheese Whey 937
Raganati F., Olivieri G., Russo M.E., Marzocchella A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332157
Development of a Monitoring Hybryd System for Bioethanol Production 943
Herrera W., Maciel Filho R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332158
Pretreatment of Rice Hulls with Alkaline Peroxide to Enhance Enzyme Hydrolysis for Ethanol Production 949
Diaz Sanchez A.B., Le Toullec J., Blandino Garrido A., De Ory Arriaga I., Caro Pina I. DOI:10.3303/CET1332159
Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis of a Genetic Engineered Cyanobacterium for Ethanol Production. Parameter Estimation 955
Laiglecia J.I., Estrada V.G., Vidal R., Florencio F.J., Guerrero M., Diaz M.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332160
Fungal Laccases and Enoate Reductases as Biocatalysts of Fine Chemical Transformations 961
Romagnolo A., Spina F., Carusetta D., Nerva L., Cramarossa M.R., Parmeggiani F., Forti L., Brenna E., Varese G.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332161
Effect of Light Quality and Nitrogen Availability on the Biomass Production and Pigment Content of Palmaria Palmata (rhodophyta) 967
Razi Parjikolaei B., Kloster L., Bruhn A., Rasmussen M.B., Frette X., Christensen K.V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332162
Effect of the Culture Nutrients on the Biomass an Lipid Productivities of Microalgae Dunaliella Tertiolecta 973
Mata T., Almeida R., Caetano N.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332163
Mutualistic Interactions During Bioleaching of Marine Contaminated Sediment 979
Fonti V., Dell'Anno A., Beolchini F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332164
Biotechnological Production of Succinic Acid by Actinobacillus Succinogenes Using Different Substrate 985
de Barros M., Freitas S.A., Padilha G., Alegre R. M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332165
Production of ?--galactosidase from Cheese Whey Using Kluyveromyces Marxianus Cbs 6556 991
Perini B.L.B., Souza H.C.M., Kelbert M., Apati G.P., Pezzin A.P.T., Schneider A.L.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332166
Dark Fermentation Optimization by Anaerobic Digested Sludge Recirculation: Effects on Hydrogen Production 997
Gottardo M., Cavinato C., Bolzonella D., Pavan P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332167
Method for the Analysis of Grafted Cellulosic Materials 1003
Berezina N., Nys J., Yada B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332168
Novel Alginate/aloe Vera Hydrogel Blends as Wound Dressings for the Treatment of Several Types of Wounds 1009
Pereira R., Mendes A., Bartolo P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332169
Influence of the Rheological Behaviour in Electrospun Pcl Nanofibres Production for Tissue Engineering Applications 1015
Dias J., Antunes F., Bartolo P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332170
Mathematical Modelling of Chlorella Vulgaris Growth in Semi-batch Photobioreactors Fed with Pure CO2 1021
Concas A., Pisu M., Cao G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332171
Application of a Structured Population Balance Model to the Numerical Simulation of a Continuous Photobioreactor 1027
Altimari P., Pagnanelli F., Toro L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332172
Modeling and Parameter Estimation in Biofuel Discontinuous Production by Hydrogen Forming Bacteria (hfb) 1033
Paulo C., Di Maggio J., Diaz M.S., Ruggeri B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332173
Photobioreactors for Microalgal Cultures: a Model for Photosynthesis Rate Assessment 1039
Olivieri G., Marzocchella A., Salatino P., Gargiulo L., Lettieri P., Mazzei L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332174
Lead and Chromium Biosorption by Pistia Stratiotes Biomass 1045
Lima L.K.S., Tosi Pelosi B., da Silva M. G. C. , Vieira M.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332175
Acid Orange 7 Dye Biosorption by Salvinia Natans Biomass 1051
Tosi Pelosi B., Lima L.K.S., Vieira M.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332176
Production and Kinetics of Isoamyl Acetate from Acetic Anhydride Using Candida Antarctica Lipase B in a Solvent-free System 1057
Yusoff Azudin N., Mat Don M., Abdul Shukor S.R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332177
Production of Ethyl Valerate from Burkholderia Cepacia Lipase Immobilized in Alginate 1063
Padilha G., de Barros M., Alegre R. M., Tambourgi E.B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332178
Simultaneous Removal of Albumin-bound Toxins in Liver Support Devices: Bilirubin and Tryptophan Adsorption on Activated Carbon 1069
Annesini M.C., Piemonte V., Turchetti L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332179
Utilization of Cheese Whey and Cellulosic Biomass for Production of Ethanol by Selected Fungi Strain from Brazilian Savannas 1075
Fischer J., Lopes V.S., Galvao C., Teodoro J., Coutinho Filho U., Cardoso V.L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332180
Modelling of Biodegradation Kinetics for Binary Mixtures of Substituted Phenols in Sequential Bioreactors 1081
Mosca Angelucci D., Annesini M.C., Tomei M.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332181
Poly ?-hydroxy Ester-urethane) Based Electrospun Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering 1087
Apohan N.K., Cakmakci E., Cigdem C., Kahraman M.V., Arslan M., Erdem Kuruca S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332182
The Direct Conversion of Rapeseed Oil Towards Hydrocarbons over Industrial Catalysts 1093
Chistyakov A., Gubanov M., Tsodikov M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332183
C. Hildmannianus Peel for Protein Adsorption 1099
Gilioli A., Cavejon M., Quadri M.G.N. DOI:10.3303/CET1332184
Glutaraldehyde Effect in the Immobilization Process of Alpha-galactosidase from Aspergillus Niger in the Ion Exchange Resin Duolie A-568 1105
Coutinho Barcelos Costa H., Romao B. B., Ribeiro E.J., Resende M.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332185
Kinetics of Cyclization Reaction Catalyzed by the Enzyme Cyclomaltodextringlucanotransferase 1111
De Souza M., Faria S., Zanin G., Moraes F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332186
Effects of Photobioreactor Depth on Stichococcus Cultures Aimed at Biodiesel Production 1117
Gargano I., Olivieri G., Andreozzi R., Marotta R., Marzocchella A., Pinto G., Pollio A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332187
Supercritical Gel Drying of Polymeric Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications 1123
Cardea S., Baldino L., De Marco I., Pisanti P., Reverchon E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332188
Assessment of Diffusion Limitations on the Performance of Immobilised Acid Urease Derivatives 1129
Bortone N., Fidaleo M., Moresi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332189
Kinetics of Bioethanol Production from Lactose Converted by Kluyveromyces Marxianus 1135
Sofia D., Joshi Y., Poletto M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332190
Simulation of Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of Banana Waste for Ethanol Production: Comparison Between the Use of Fruits, Peel and Pseudostem 1141
Souza P.K., Sellin N., Souza O., Marangoni C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332191
Potential Use of Mango Leaves Extracts Obtained by High Pressure Extraction Technologies in Cosmetic, Pharmaceutics and Food Industries 1147
Fernandez Ponce M.T., Casas L., Mantell C., Martinez De La Ossa E.J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332192
Development of a Bioreactor by Computer Fluid Dynamics Simulations for the Maturation of 3D Printed Organs by Rapid Prototyping 1153
Rezende R.A., Nogueira J.A., Ferreira Lara V., Mironov V., Maciel Filho R., Lopes Da Silva J.V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332193
Part 3
Process System Engineering
A Mixed-integer Linear Programming Approach for Simultaneous Ethanol Supply Chain and Involved Plants Design Considering Production Scheduling 1159
Corsano G., Fumero Y., Montagna J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332194
Use of Ontological Structures for Integrated Supply Chain Management 1165
Silvente J., Crexells G., Zamarripa M., Munoz E., Espuna A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332195
Supply Chain Design and Inventory Management Optimization in the Motors Industry 1171
Rodriguez M.A., Vecchietti A., Grossmann I., Harjunkoski I. DOI:10.3303/CET1332196
Production Scheduling of an Emulsion Polymerization Process 1177
Zondervan E., Hoofwijk B., Flapper S.D., Meuldijk J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332197
A Simulation and Techno-economic Optimization-based Methodology to Design Multi-product Lignocellulosic Biorefineries 1183
Geraili A., Sharma P., Willis R., Romagnoli J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332198
Application of a Method to Diagnose the Source of Performance Degradation in Mpc Systems 1189
Pannocchia G., Bottai M., De Luca A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332199
Online Model-based Redesign of Experiments for Parameter Estimation Applied to Closed-loop Controller Tuning 1195
Yakut N., Barz T., Lopez D.C., Arellano-Garcia H., Wozny G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332200
Valve Stiction Quantification: a Robust Methodology to Face Most Common Causes of Loop Perturbations 1201
Bacci Di Capaci R., Scali C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332201
Estimate of the State Variables of the Dynamic Behavior of the Clinker Rotary Kiln Based on a Phenomenological Approach 1207
N'Zi Y.G., Tarasiewicz S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332202
Sliding Mode Fuzzy Logic Control of an Unstable Bioreactor 1213
Galluzzo M., Cirino C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332203
Study of Direct Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Effectiveness of Concentrating Solar Power Plants 1219
Ravaghi-Ardebili Z., Manenti F., Nascimento Lima N.M., Zuniga Linan L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332204
Computer Aided Solar Energy Based Sustainability Evaluations in Process Design 1225
Sha S., Melin K., Hurme M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332205
Techno-economic Assessment of Co-gasification of Coal-petcoke and Biomass in Igcc Power Plants 1231
Sofia D., Giuliano A., Barletta D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332206
Development of a Modeling Framework for Nir Spectroscopy Based On-line Analyzers Using Dimensional Reduction Techniques and Genetic Programming 1237
Kulcsar T., Abonyi J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332207
An Experimental Liquid Cooling System Dynamic Simulator for the Evaluation of Intelligent Control Techniques 1243
Vidal S.S., Fileti A.M., Silva F.V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332208
Prediction of the By-products Formation in the Adiabatic Industrial Benzene Nitration Process 1249
Nogueira A., Silva D., Reis M., Baptista C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332209
A New Technique for Heavy Oil Recovery Based on Electromagnetic Heating: System Design and Numerical Modeling 1255
Cerutti A., Bandinelli M., Bientinesi M., Petarca L., De Simoni M., Manotti M., Maddinelli G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332210
Modelling of a Sequencing Batch Reactor for Producing Polyhydroxybutyrate with Mixed Culture Cultivation Process Using Neural Networks and Operation Regime Classification 1261
Ganjian A., Zhang J., Dias J.M.L., Oliveira R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332211
Systematic Modelling of Flow and Pressure Distribution 1267
Preisig H.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332212
Biogas Upgrading: Analysis and Comparison Between Water and Chemical Scrubbings 1273
Gamba S., Pellegrini L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332213
CO2 Capture at High Temperature and Low Concentration on Li4sio4 Based Sorbents 1279
Puccini M., Seggiani M., Vitolo S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332214
Revised Kinetic Scheme for Thermal Furnace of Sulfur Recovery Units 1285
Manenti F., Papasidero D., Ranzi E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332215
Logistics Management in Maritime Transportation Systems 1291
Coccola M., Mendez C.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332216
Flexible and Operable Heat Exchanger Networks 1297
Abu Bakar S.H., Abdul Hamid M.K., Wan Alwi S.R., Abdul Manan Z. DOI:10.3303/CET1332217
Simultaneous Validation of Online Analysers and Process Simulators by Process Data Reconciliation 1303
Farsang B., Gomori Z., Horvath G., Nagy G., Nemeth S., Abonyi J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332218
Tightening a Milp Formulation for the Quadratic Assignment Problem 1309
Nyberg A., Westerlund T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332219
Converting DAE Models to ODE Models: Application to Reactive Rayleigh Distillation 1315
Alloula K., Monfreda F., Thery Hetreux R., Belaud J.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332220
The Reformulation-based ?sgo Algorithm for Solving Nonconvex MINLP Problems – Some Improvements 1321
Lundell A., Westerlund T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332221
Alcohol Production Process Modeling Based on Indicators Using Transactional Software, Industrial Automation and Manufacturing and Execution Systems Mes 1327
Goncalves E., Maciel Filho R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332222
Automatic Control System for Snout Positioning in Hot Dip Galvanizing Process 1333
Felix G.D.S., Sellin N., Marangoni C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332223
Knowledge-based Approach for the Integration of the Planning and Scheduling Decision Making Levels 1339
Zamarripa M., Coccola M., Hjaila K., Silvente J., Mendez C.A., Espuna A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332224
Detailed Scheduling of Oil Products Pipelines with Parallel Batch Inputs at Intermediate Sources 1345
Cafaro V., Cafaro D., Mendez C.A., Cerdá J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332225
Solution Strategies for the Design and Planning of Supply Chains and Embedded Plants 1351
Corsano G., Guillen-Gosalbez G., Montagna J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332226
Design and Optimization of a Process Based on Extractive Distillation for the Sweetening Natural Gas 1357
Torres-Ortega C.E., Segovia-Hernández J.G., Gomez-Castro F.I., Hernández S., Rong B.G., Errico M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332227
Spectral Analysis for Detection of Leaks in Pipes Carrying Compressed Air 1363
Santos R., de Almeida W. S., Silva F.V., Cruz S., Fileti A.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332228
A Procedure for Estimation of Fermentation Kinetic Parameters in Fed-batch Bioethanol Production Process with Cell Recycle 1369
Ccopa Rivera E.A., Yamakawa C.K., Herrera Garcia M., Geraldo V.C., Rossell C.E.V., Maciel Filho R., Bonomi A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332229
Comparison Between Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks and Radial Basis Function Network to Detect and Locate Leaks in a Pipeline Transporting Gas 1375
Santos R., Rupp M., Bonzi S., Fileti A.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332230
General Framework for Automated Manufacturing Systems: Multiple Hoists Scheduling Solution 1381
Aguirre A.M., Mendez C.A., Garcia Sánchez Á., Ortega-Mier M., Castro P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332231
Different Approaches in Concentration-temperature Cascade Control of a Fixed Bed Reactor for the Phthalic Anhydride Synthesis 1387
Jesus J., Santana P., Silva F.V. DOI:10.3303/CET1332232
Assessing the Robust Stability and Robust Performance by Classical Statistical Concepts 1393
Silva J.N., Bispo H.J., Manzi J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332233
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in an Experimental Batch Reactor of Styrene Polimerization for Predictive Model Development. 1399
Ribeiro Santos R., Santos B., Fileti A.M., Silva F.V., Zemp R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332234
The Role of Couplers in Chemical Model-based Engineering 1405
Preisig H.A., Lobo S.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332235
Retrofit of Refinery Heat Exchanger Network Under Different Kinds of Crude Oil by Pinch Design Method Using Mathematical Programming 1411
Pejpichestakul W., Siemanond K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332236
Constrained Robust Model Predictive Control Based on Polyhedral Invariant Sets by Off-line Optimization 1417
Kheawhom S., Bumroongsri P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332237
Heat Exchanger Network Improvement on Gas Separation Plant No.6 (gsp6) in Thailand 1423
Jarusarn P., Angsutorn N., Chuvaree R., Iyara N., Siemanond K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332238
Fluid Mechanics And Transport Phenomena
Particle Tracing Based Validation for CFD Models of Stirred Reactors 1429
Egedy A., Varga T., Chovan T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332239
CFD Modeling of the Fluid Flow Characteristics in an External-loop Air-lift Reactor 1435
Karcz J., Musial M., Bitenc M., Domanski M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332240
CFD Simulation of the Fluid Hydrodynamics in a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor 1441
Zhang S., Mueller D., Arellano-Garcia H., Wozny G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332241
CFD Prediction of Solid Particle Distribution in Baffled Stirred Vessels Under Partial to Complete Suspension Conditions 1447
Tamburini A., Cipollina A., Micale G., Brucato A., Ciofalo M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332242
CFD Model Based Comparison of Mixing Efficiency of Different Impeller Geometries 1453
Molnar B., Egedy A., Varga T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332243
Influence of Issued Jet Conditions on Mixing of Confined Flows 1459
Zhdanov V., Hassel E., Kornev N. DOI:10.3303/CET1332244
Using Tomography Technique to Characterize the Continuous-flow Mixing of Non-newtonian Fluids in the Stirred Vessels 1465
Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332245
Mixing of Two Miscible Liquids in T-shaped Microdevices 1471
Orsi G., Galletti C., Brunazzi E., Mauri R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332246
Non-newtonian Liquid-liquid Fluids in Kenics Static Mixers 1477
Caserta S., Preziosi V., Pommella A., Guido S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332247
Influence of Viscosity on Mass Transfer Performances of Unbaffled Stirred Vessels 1483
Scargiali F., Busciglio A., Grisafi F., Brucato A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332248
Coalescence Between Adjacent Drops Relying on the Interface of Two Liquids 1489
Bozzano G., Dente M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332249
A Numerical Model of Droplets Coalescence and Drainage in Fibrous Structures 1495
Krasinski A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332250
Fluid Dynamic Optimization of Flat Sheet Membrane Modules – Movement of Bubbles in Vertical Channels 1501
Bohm L., Prieske H., Kraume M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332251
Interphase Momentum Study in a Slurry Bubble Column 1507
Silva Jr J.L., Mori E., Soccol R.J., D Avila M., Mori M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332252
Improving Practical Performance of Single-tip-optical-fiber Probing for Measurement of Bubble-swarm Motion and Properties in a Large Diameter Bubble Column 1513
Mizushima Y., Saito T. DOI:10.3303/CET1332253
Hydrodynamic Characterization of the Biomass Combustion in a Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Combustor 1519
Aprea G., Cammarota A., Chirone R., Solimene R., Salatino P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332254
Characterisation of Flow Properties of Coal-petcoke-biomass Mixtures for Co-firing 1525
Barletta D., Diaz A., Esposito L., Montenegro L., Sanchez J.M., Poletto M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332255
Effective Transport Properties in Random Packings of Spheres and Agglomerates 1531
Bertei A., Nucci B., Nicolella C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332256
A Multi-tip Probe for the Measurement of the Phase Velocities in Gas-liquid Flows 1537
Arosio S., Guilizzoni M., Pozzi L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332257
Influence of the Geometric Factors of Conical Contactors and Draft Tubes on the Performance of Draft Tube Conical Spouted Beds 1543
Altzibar H., Estiati I., Olazar M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332258
Coupling Effect of Non-linearity and Chemical Heterogeneity on Reactive Solute Transport in a Fixed Bed 1549
Kaabeche K., Belbaki A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332259
Fluid Dynamic Study for Copper Removal Onto Modified Clay in Fixed Bed 1555
Almeida Neto A.F., Vieira M.G.A., da Silva M. G. C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332260
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Gas-liquid Flow in Rectangular Bubble Columns with Centralized Aeration Flow Pattern 1561
Sanchez-Forero D.I., Silva Jr J.L., Silva M.K., Bastos J.C.S.C., Mori M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332261
Effects of Phases’ Numbers and Solid-solid Interactions on the Numerical Simulations of Cyclones 1567
Costa K.K., Sgrott Jr O.L., Decker R.K., Reinehr E.L., Martignoni W.P., Meier H.F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332262
Viscosity Modeling of Reservoir Fluids over Wide Temperature and Pressure Ranges 1573
Macias-Salinas R., Aquino-Olivos M.A., Garcia-Sánchez F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332263
Preliminary Assessments of Combined Effects of Surface Tension and Viscosity on Bubble Column Hydrodynamics 1579
Olivieri G., Grillo S., D'Errico G., Marzocchella A., Ruzicka M., Salatino P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332264
Phase Inversion Emulsification 1585
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Production And Properties Of Materials
Curing and Decomposition Behaviour of Cresol Novolac Based Vinyl Ester Resins 1591
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Analysis of the Selected Characteristics Changes of Cement Composites Exposed to the Sulphate Environment 1597
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Effect of Different Hydrophobic Agents Onto the Surface of Gas Diffusion Layers for Pem-fc 1603
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The Relationship Between Process Technology, Structure Development and Fibre Properties in Modern Carbon Fibre Production 1609
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Some Aspects of Lightweight Composites Durability 1615
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Matrix/fiber Boundary Layer in Fibre Reinforced Plastics: Characterization of the Adhesion 1633
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Mechanical and Biological Behaviour of Pcl/pla Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications 1645
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Preparation of Controlled Porosity Resorcinol Formaldehyde Xerogels for Adsorption Applications 1651
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Uv Cured Boronic Acid Based Fluorescence Sensor for the Determination of Glucose 1663
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Study of Natural Radioactivity of Slovak Cements 1675
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Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyimides Based on 2,6-bis(m-amino Phenoxy) Benzoyl Naphthalene 1681
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Alpha-amylase Immobilization on Modified Polyimide Material 1687
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Quality Control of Poly(methyl Methacrylate) to Medical Purpose by Multiple Headspace Extraction 1699
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Characterization, Analysis and Comparaison of Activated Carbons Issued from the Cryogenic and Ambient Grinding of Used Tires 1705
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Tapioca Starch Biocomposite for Disposable Packaging Ware 1711
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Temperature Effect on the Austenitic Stainless Steel Uns N08031 Used in the Wet Method Phosphoric Acid Production 1717
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A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of a Composite Component for Automotive 1723
La Rosa A.D., Cozzo G., Latteri A., Mancini G., Recca A., Cicala G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332288
Part 4
Rough Beer Clarification by Crossflow Microfiltration in Combination with Enzymatic And/or Centrifugal Pretreatments 1729
Cimini A., Marconi O., Moresi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332289
Investigation of Osmotic Distillation Technique for Beer Dealcoholization 1735
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Odor-active Compound Adsorption Onto Bentonite in a Model White Wine Solution 1741
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Study of Fatty Acid and Fatty Alcohol Formation from Hydrolysis of Rice Bran Wax 1747
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Effect of Different Viscosity on Optimal Shape of Static Mixers for Food Industry 1753
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Characterizing the Drying Kinetics of High Water Content Agro-food Particles Exhibiting Non-fickian Mass Transport 1759
Bessadok-Jemai A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332294
The Influence of Arabinogalactan on Wheat Dough Development During Mixing and Leaving Process 1765
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Encapsulation of R-(+)-limonene in Edible Electrospun Nanofibers 1771
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Microencapsulation of Annatto Seed Extract: Stability and Application 1777
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Spilanthol Extraction Using Microwave: Calibration Curve for Gas Chromatography 1783
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Oscillating Self-organization of Hydration Water in Foods Derived by a Forced Temperature Cycling 1789
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Breakage of Cellular Tissue by Pulsed Electric Field: Extraction of Polyphenols from Fresh Tea Leaves 1795
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Syntheses and Biological Screening of Schiff Base Complexes of Titanium(iv) 1801
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Comparison of Antilisterial Effects of Two Strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria During Processing and Storage of a Portuguese Salami-like Product “alheira” 1807
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Cassava Flour Enriched with Açai (euterpe Oleracea Mart.) by Coating and Agglomeration 1819
da Cunha R. L.G., Rocha S.C.D.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332304
Feasibility Study for Production of Green Banana Flour in Spray Dryer 1825
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Application of Agaricus Bisporus Extract for Benzoate Sodium Detection Based on Tyrosinase Inhibition for Biosensor Development 1831
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Characterization of Free Volatile Compounds in Fiano Wine Produced by Different Selected Autochthonous Yeasts 1837
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Analysis of the Electrodialytic Recovery of Sodium Citrate 1843
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Separation Technology And Transfer
Regeneration Section of CO2 Capture Plant by Mea Scrubbing with a Rate-based Model 1849
Moioli S., Pellegrini L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332309
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Hydrogen Purification from Synthesis Gas by Pressure Swing Adsorption 1855
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Co2-mixture Properties for Pipeline Transportation in the Ccs Process 1861
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Immobilization of Thermostable Carbonic Anhydrases for Biomimetic CO2 Capture 1867
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Simulation of Boron Rejection by Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination 1873
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CFD Simulation of Mass Transfer Phenomena in Spacer Filled Channel for Reverse Electrodyalisis Applications 1879
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Polymer Derived Ceramics for Gas Separation 1891
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Fractionation of a Red Grape Marc Extract by Colloidal Gas Aphrons 1903
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Removal of Grease from Wind Turbine Bearings by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 1909
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Scavenging of Soluble Gases by Slowly Evaporating Droplets in Inhomogeneous Atmosphere 1915
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A Distributed Parameter Model for the Drying of Multicomponent Aerosol and Sessile Droplets 1927
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Evaporation Dynamics of Microdroplets Coated with Nonvolatile Liquid Layers 1933
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Thiocyanate Based Task-specific Ionic Liquids for Separation of Benzene and Cyclohexane 1939
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Kinetic Chiral Resolution by Thin Layer Extraction 1945
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Removal of a Persistent Pharmaceutical Micropollutant by Uv/tio2 Process Using an Immobilized Titanium Dioxide Catalyst: Parametric Study. 1951
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Zeolite Membranes for Hydrogen and Water Separation Under Harsh Conditions 1963
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Fixed-bed Adsorption of Trichloroethylene Onto Activated Carbon 1969
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Composition Estimator Design for Industrial Multicomponent Distillation Column 1975
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Eeffect of Downcomers Sizes on Tray Column Performance 1981
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Filtering of Dep (diesel Exhaust Particles) in Fibrous Filters 1987
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Determination of Optimal Operating Condition in Nanofiltration (nf) and Osmosis Reverse (ro) During the Treatment of a Tannery Wastewater Stream 1993
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30 Years of Membrane Technology for Gas Separation 1999
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Cyclones' Project Optimization by Combination of an Inequality Constrained Problem and Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques (cfd) 2011
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Lactic Acid Purification by Hybrid Short Path Evaporation 2017
Komesu A., Martins P.F., Lunelli B.H., Morita A.T., Coutinho P.L.A., Maciel Filho R., Wolf Maciel M.R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332337
Continuous-flow Copper Adsorption in Regenerable Calcined Clay Columns 2023
Gimenes M.L., Almeida Neto A.F., Vieira M.G.A., da Silva M. G. C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332338
Evaluation of the Dynamics of a Distillation Column with Two Liquid Phases 2029
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Mindel S-1000 Based Asymmetric Membranes for O2/n2 Separation: Effect of Polymer Concentration 2035
Hasbullah H., Cheer N.B., Ibrahim N., Kasmani R.M., Ali R.R., Ismail A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332340
Experimental Analysis via Thermochromic Liquid Crystals of the Temperature Local Distribution in Membrane Distillation Modules 2041
Tamburini A., Micale G., Ciofalo M., Cipollina A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332341
Particle Technology
Struvite Crystallization for Anaerobic Digested Supernatants: Influence on the Ammonia Efficiency of the Process Variables and the Chemicals Dosage Modality 2047
Santinelli M., Eusebi A.L., Santini M., Battistoni P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332342
Continuous Preferential Crystallization in Two-coupled Crystallizers 2053
Qamar S., Galan K., Seidel-Morgenstern A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332343
Synthesis of Zeolite Monolith with Hierarchical Micro/macropores by Ice-templating and Steam-assisted Crystallization 2059
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The Use of Nephelometric Measurements in Crystallization Operations 2065
Parisi M., Chianese A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332345
Analysis of the Monochloroacetic Acid Crystallization Process by Entropic Modeling 2071
Gomes T., Bispo H.J., Silva J.N., Manzi J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332346
3D Population Balance Model for Continuous Twin Screw Granulator 2077
Paavola M., El Hagrasy A., Litster J., Leiviska K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332347
Characterization of Particle Electrostatic Charging in Vibration and Electric Field 2083
Mizutani M., Yasuda M., Matsusaka S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332348
Prediction of Viscosity of Slurry Suspended Fine Particles Using Coupled Dem-dns Simulation 2089
Yoshida Y., Katsumoto T., Taniguchi S., Shimosaka A., Shirakawa Y., Hidaka J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332349
Green synthesis Of ceramic Powders for Tribological Applications Using High-energy Ball Milling 2095
Sikora T., Kozlowski M., Dulian P., Moszumanski R., Wieczorek-Ciurowa K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332350
Design of Continuous Crystallizer with Fines Removal for Melt Crystallization of Caprolactam 2101
Misztal S. DOI:10.3303/CET1332351
Stochastic Global Model for the Prediction of the Asymptotic Csds Using Antisolvent Crystallization Processes 2107
Cogoni G., Tronci S., Mistretta G., Baratti R., Romagnoli J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332352
Study of Neodymium Oxalate Precipitation in a Continuous Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal 2113
Gaillard J.P., Bertrand M., Lalleman S., Lebaigue O., Plasari E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332353
Effect of the Experimental Parameters on Calcium Carbonate Precipitation 2119
Kirboga S., Oner M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332354
Vapor-particle Separation Using Microporous Metallic Membrane in Crossflow Filtration 2125
Cheng M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332355
Characterization by Tga and Uv-visible of New Pigment Materials Containing Mica, P4vp and D&c Red 6 Dye 2131
Dergal F., Mansri A., Billon L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332356
Antiscalants for Gypsum Precipitation in Industrial Equipments: Comparison Among Different Additives 2137
Prisciandaro M., Lancia A., Mazziotti Di Celso G., Musmarra D. DOI:10.3303/CET1332357
Effect of Particle Shape on Size Segregation of Particles 2143
Shimosaka A., Nousou I., Shirakawa Y., Hidaka J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332358
Wet Granulation of Cereal Grains in a Tapered Fluidized Bed 2149
Boumehdi Toumi L., Rezzak S., Allia K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332359
Estimation of Charge Distribution of Polymer Particles Based on New Contact Charging Model 2155
Satake M., Shimosaka A., Shirakawa Y., Hidaka J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332360
Study of Particle Granularity Impact on the Nutrient Concentration 2161
Junakova N., Balintova M., Petrilakova A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332361
Mathematical Modeling of Cyclones - Dust Collectors for Air Pollution Control 2167
Vega M., Ferreira T., Vieira F., Scheid C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332362
Eulerian-lagrangian Analysis of Multiphase Flow in Urea Prilling Process with Phase Changing 2173
Ricardo G.A.N., Noriler D., Martignoni W.P., Meier H.F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332363
Thermodynamic Equilibrium Study of Eferoxamine Salting Out Crystallization 2179
Prisciandaro M., Adriatico A., Lancia A., Marzocchella A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332364
Polymers Micronization Using Batch Supercritical Antisolvent Process 2185
De Marco I., Cardea S., Reverchon E. DOI:10.3303/CET1332365
Study of Supersaturation, Vibration Intensity and Time of Crystallization Variables in the Vibrated Bed Lactose Monohydrate Production Process 2191
Teixeira G.A., Brito A.M., Alves M.R., Finzer J.R.D., Malagoni R.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332366
Spectral Analysis: a Contribution for Control Strategy in Spouted Bed 2197
Butzge J., da Silva M. G. C. , Taranto O.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1332367
Image-based Multi-resolution-ann Approach for On-line Particle Size Characterization 2203
Zhang B., Willis R., Romagnoli J., Fois C.A.M., Tronci S., Baratti R. DOI:10.3303/CET1332368
An Assessment on Silo Design Procedures for Granular Solid Biomass 2209
Barletta D., Poletto M. DOI:10.3303/CET1332369
Poli (l-lactide) Micronization by Supercritical Fluids 2215
Montes A., Gordillo D., Pereyra C., Di Giacomo G., Martinez De La Ossa E.J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332370
Polymorph Screening Technology by Controlling Crystallization 2221
Mensah J., Kim K.J. DOI:10.3303/CET1332371
Growth and Electrochemical Performance of Lead and Lead Oxide Nanowire Arrays as Electrodes for Lead-acid Batteries 2227
Inguanta R., Randazzo S., Moncada A., Mistretta M.C., Piazza S., Sunseri C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332372
Photocatalytic Treatment of Olive Mill Waste Water by N-doped Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Under Visible Light 2233
Ruzmanova I., Ustundas M., Stoller M., Chianese A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332373
Nickel-indium Sulphide Core-shell Nanostructures Obtained by Spray-ilgar Deposition 2239
Piazza S., Genduso G., Inguanta R., Sunseri C., Steiner L., Fischer Ch.-H. DOI:10.3303/CET1332374
Study on the Effect of Synthesis Parameters of Silica Nanoparticles Entrapped with Rifampicin 2245
Zainal N.A., Abdul Shukor S.R., Wab H.A.A., Abdul Razak K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332375
Production of Stach Acetate Films with Addition of Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibers 2251
Schmidt V.C.R., Berti F., Porto L.M., Laurindo J.B. DOI:10.3303/CET1332376
Spraying of Cell Colloids in Medical Atomizers 2257
Sosnowski T., Kurowska A., Butruk B., Jablczynska K. DOI:10.3303/CET1332377
The Synthesis and Characterization of Lifeas Superconductor by Xps Method 2263
Kanuchova M., Kozakova L. DOI:10.3303/CET1332378
Photocatalytic Treatment of Olive Mill Waste Water by Magnetic Core Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles 2269
Ruzmanova I., Stoller M., Chianese A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332379
Initial Studies of Photocatalytic Discolouration of Methyl Orange by Using Zno Nanostructures 2275
Aragao Ribeiro Souza D., Gusatti M., Sanches C., Moser M., Kuhnen N., Riella H. DOI:10.3303/CET1332380
Plasma-cryogenic Synthesis of the High Purity Nanomaterials 2281
Bessarabov A., Ivanov M., Kvasyuk A., Stepanova T., Vendilo A. DOI:10.3303/CET1332381
Process Industry
A New Technique for Heavy Oil Recovery Based on Electromagnetic Heating: Pilot Scale Experimental Validation 2287
Bientinesi M., Petarca L., Cerutti A., Bandinelli M., De Simoni M., Manotti M., Maddinelli G. DOI:10.3303/CET1332382
Engineered Electrode Microstructure for Optimization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2293
Bertei A., Nucci B., Nicolella C. DOI:10.3303/CET1332383
Mechanochemical Processing of Blast Furnace Slag for Its Reuse as Adsorbent 2299
Andini S., Montagnaro F., Santoro L., Accardo G., Cioffi R., Colangelo F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332384
A Benefit /cost Approach for Prioritizing Plant Modifications to Reduce Risk Below Acceptance Limit 2305
Maggi D., Milanese S., Del Litto F. DOI:10.3303/CET1332385