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Energy Efficiency Initiatives in a Campus Building 1
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Sustainability Framwork for Palm Oil Mill 7
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Spatial Inventory of CO2 Emissions and Removals from Land Use and Land Use Changes in Thailand 13
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Synthesis of More Sustainable Total Site 19
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Concrete Waste Management Decision Analysis Based on Life Cycle Assessment 25
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India's Indc for Transport and 2°c Stabilization Target 31
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Spent Coffee Grounds as a Valuable Source of Bioactive Compounds and Bioenergy 37
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Water Purification of Lake Water Using Progressive Freeze Concentration Method 43
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Degradable Polyethylene/rice Bran Film: Effect of Glycerol 49
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Virtual Greenhouse Gas and Water Footprints Reduction: Emissions, Effluents and Water Flows Embodies in International Trade 55
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Malaysia Snakehead Channa Striatus and Micropeltes: Physico-chemical Properties of Fillet Fish Oil and Water-soluble Extract 61
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Application of Genetic Algorithm on Model-based Optimization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction: an Overview 67
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Optimization of Operational Parameter and Economic Analysis of Amine Based Acid Gas Capture Unit 73
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Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Mixing in Circular Cross Sectional Microchannel 79
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Prediction of Combustion Efficiency Using Multiple Neural Networks 85
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Inherent Occupational Health Assessment of Biobutanol Separation Processes During the Conceptual Design Stage 91
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Graphical User Interface Application in Matlabtm Environment for Water and Air Quality Process Monitoring 97
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Polyethylenimine Modified Sugarcane Bagasse Adsorbent for Methyl Orange Dye Removal 103
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Green Extraction of Antimicrobial Bioactive Compound from Piper Betle Leaves: Probe Type Ultrasound-assisted Extraction Vs Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction 109
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A Mathematical Model for Techno-economic Evaluation of Industrial Wastewater Sludge to Resources 115
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Removal of Reactive Dye Using New Modified Chitosan-pandan Sorbent 121
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Sustainability Assessment of a Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Using a Single Green Performance Indicator 127
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Recovery of Vegetable Oil from Spent Bleaching Earth: State-of-the-art and Prospect for Process Intensification 133
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Isolation and Characterization of Chitin Nanowhiskers from Fermented Tiger Prawn Waste 139
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Influence of Carbonization Temperature on Gas Permeation Properties of Matrimid-based Carbon Membrane 145
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Adsorption of Aerosol-ot on Sand and Shale at High Sodium Salt Concentration 151
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A Simple Case Study on Application in Synthesizing a Feasible Heat Exchanger Network 157
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Comparison of Melt Flow Index of Propylene Polymerization in Loop Reactors Using first Principles and Artificial Neural Network Models 163
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Combination of Entrapment and Covalent Binding Techniques for Xylanase Immobilization on Alginate Beads: Screening Process Parameters 169
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Preparation and Characterization of Polyethersulfone/ Hydrous Ferric Oxide Mixed Matrix Membranes with Improved Hydrophilicity for Treatment of Oily Waste Water 175
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CO2 Adsorption Isotherms on Koh, H3po4 and Fecl3.6h2o Impregnated Palm Shell Kernel Activated Carbon 181
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Benthic Macroinvertebrate Composition and Water Quality Status in Sungai Johor, Johor, Malaysia 187
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Kinetic Study on the Pyrolysis and Gasification of Plastic Wastes 193
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Physicochemical Property Changes and Volatile Analysis for Torrefaction of Oil Palm Frond 199
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Achieving the Target Crystal Size Distribution in the Case of Agglomeration and Breakage for Batch Cooling Crystallization Process 205
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Sulphur Dioxide and Oxygen Adsorption Isotherm Breakthrough Time on Surface Porous Palm Shell Activated Carbon 211
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Auto-regressive with Exogenous Input Model Predictive Controller for Water Activity in Esterification 217
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Preliminary Study on Degree of Conversion of Uv Curable Maleinated Acrylated Epoxidized Palm Oil Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Synthesized with Isobornyl Methacrylate Monomer via Ftir-atr Analysis 223
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Modeling of Cadmium (ii) Uptake from Aqueous Solutions Using Treated Rice Husk: Fixed – Bed Studies 229
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Sensitivity Analysis for Optimization of Brine Purification Process 235
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Study on High-rise Building Using Wind Energy at Humid Tropical Climate 241
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Groundwater and Leachate Quality Assessment in Balaoan Sanitary Landfill in La Union, Northern Philippines 247
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Environmental Management System in the Food and Beverage Sector: a Case Study from Malaysia 253
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Sustainable Energy Transition, Gender and Modernisation in Rural Sarawak 259
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Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Tannery Sludge by Subcritical Water Treatment 265
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Recovery of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Microalgae by Subcritical Water 271
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Assessment of Usage of Biofuel in Aviation Industry in Malaysia 277
Mohsin R., Kumar T., Majid Z.A., Kumar I., Wash A.M. DOI: 10.3303/CET1756047
Synergistic Effects of Pulse Light Emitting Diode on Growth Rate, Lipid Content and Its Carbon Chain of Nannochloropsis Sp. in Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Production 283
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Mapping Land Use/ Cover Changes and Urbanization at Sub-districts of Muar, Malaysia 289
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Policy-based Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Tracking and Institutional Framework Development Under Thailand's Namas in Energy Sector 295
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Optimisation of Fermentation Conditions for Isobutanol Production by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Using Response Surface Methodology 301
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Investigation of Green Assessment Criteria and Sub-criteria for Public Hospital Building Development in Malaysia 307
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Sustainable and Low Carbon Practices at Schools in Iskandar Malaysia 313
Wong W.Y., Phang F.A., Ho C.S., Musa A.N. DOI: 10.3303/CET1756053
Photocatalytic Reverse Water Gas Shift CO2 Reduction to CO over Montmorillonite Supported Tio2 Nanocomposite 319
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Effect of Coal Bottom Ash and Binder Addition Into Cao-based Sorbent on CO2 Capture Performance 325
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Estimation of Carbon Stocks from Land-use Change Due to Tourism in Phuket Island, Thailand 331
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Green Maintenance for Heritage Buildings: Low Carbon Repair Appraisal Approach on Laterite Stones 337
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Carbon Emission Pinch Analysis: an Application to Transportation Sector in Iskandar Malaysia 2025 343
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Ethanol Steam Reforming for Renewable Hydrogen Production over La-modified Tio2 Catalyst 349
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Weightage Factor for Criteria of Design and Construction for Green Highway 355
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Proton Conducting Fuel Cells Using the Indium-doped Cerium Diphosphate Electrolyte 361
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Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases Emission Through Food Waste Composting and Replacement of Chemical Fertiliser 367
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Potential Biogas Generation from Food Waste Through Anaerobic Digestion in Peninsular Malaysia 373
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Time Series Data Analysis of Household Electricity Usage During El-nino in Malaysia 379
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Influence of Indoor Environmental Quality on Work Productivity in Green Office Buildings: a Review 385
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Overview of Biodiesel Wastes Utilization for Hydrogen Production 391
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Thermal Performance and Temperature Mitigation Towards Application of Green Roof in Tropical Climate 397
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Photocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Fuels over Cu-loaded G-c3n4 Nanocatalyst Under Visible Light 403
Tahir B., Tahir M., Amin N.A.S. DOI: 10.3303/CET1756068
The Influence of Sustainable Physical Factors on Haji Crowd Perception Among Internal Pilgrim Group in Mina 409
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Achieving Low Carbon Society Through Primary School Ecolife Challenge in Iskandar Malaysia 415
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Producing Precipitated Calcium Carbonate with and Without Terpineol 421
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Thermogravimetric Studies on the Catalytic Pyrolysis of Rice Husk 427
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Evaluation of Microbial Inoculation Technology for Composting 433
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Workability, Compressive Strength and Leachability of Coal Ash Concrete 439
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Sustainable Pervious Concrete Incorporating Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Cement Replacement 445
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Wind Energy Harvesting from Wind-induced Vibration 451
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Ghg Mitigation and Sustainability Co-benefits of Urban Solid Waste Management Strategies: a Case Study of Ahmedabad, India 457
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Tapioca Starch Based Green Nanocomposites with Environmental Friendly Cross-linker 463
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Selection of CO2 Utilization Options in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (ccus) Systems Using Analytic Hierarchy Process-data Envelopment Analysis (ahp-dea) Approach 469
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Assessing the Sensitivity of Bioenergy Parks to Capacity Disruptions Using Monte Carlo Simulation 475
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Predicting Target Values of Hydrogen Networks with Purification Unit 481
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Effect of Zeolite 4a to Marine Microalgae Culture 487
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Mini- Review on Substrate and Inoculum Loadings for Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste 493
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Feedstock Amendment for the Production of Quality Compost for Soil Amendment and Heavy Metal Immobilisation 499
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Computer Simulation as an Alternative Approach in Climatically Responsive Urban Configuration Study 505
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Growth of Bacillus Coagulans Using Molasses as a Nutrient Source 511
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Carbon Emission Pinch Analysis for Sustainable Landfill 517
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Observation of Diurnal Variation of Urban Microclimate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 523
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Technical and Economic Evaluation of District Cooling System as Low Carbon Alternative in Kuala Lumpur City 529
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Development of Sis on Solid Waste Management Through Selection: a Review 535
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Low Carbon Emissions Through the Use of Bipv Windows in Algerian Mid-rise Buildings 541
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Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Mixed Jatropha Curcas-ceiba Pentandra Using Artificial Neural Network-genetic Algorithm: Evaluation of Reaction Kinetic Models 547
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Enzymatic Hydrolysis Using Ultrasound for Bioethanol Production from Durian (durio Zibethinus) Seeds as Potential Biofuel 553
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Popa-sharps: a New Framework for Cost-effective Design of Hybrid Power Systems 559
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Municipal Solid Waste Management in Kazakhstan: Astana and Almaty Case Studies 565
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Insulation Material from Rice Husk Granule 571
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Evaluation of Polycyclic Hydrocarbons in Sewage Sludge Compost 577
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Effect of Various Alcohols and Reaction Time on the Properties of Hydroxyl Terminated Natural Rubber Synthesized via Oxidative Degradation 583
Baharulrazi N., Man S.H.C., Mohamad Z., Mohd Nor H., Wan Ali W.K. DOI: 10.3303/CET1756098
Performance Assessment of CO2 Sequestration in a Horizontal Well for Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery in Deep Unmineable Coal Seams 589
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Pilot Evaluation of Calcium Titanate Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil 595
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Parametric Study on the Transesterification Reaction by Using Cao/silica Catalyst 601
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Carbon and Energy Use Reporting for Buildings in Putrajaya: Implementation Status and Drive Factors 607
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Assessment of Compost Stability Using Single and Mixed Culture in a Static Semi-closed Fed-batch Reactor 613
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Adsorption of Free Fatty Acid in Biodiesel from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Using Koh-activated Starch 619
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A Physical Absorption Assessment of a New Alternative Solvenet for Carbon Capture 625
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Assessment of Potassium Concentration in Biochar Before and After the After-burner of a Biomass Gasifier 631
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Palm Oil Mill Effluent (pome) Biogas Off-site Utilization Malaysia Specification and Legislation 637
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Economic Assessment of Microalgae-based CO2 Utilization in Power Plant Sector in Malaysia 643
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Overview of Carbon Reduction, Capture, Utilization and Storage: Development of New Framework 649
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Kinetic Study on Catalytic Conversion of Glycerol to Renewable Acrolein 655
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Sustainable Solid Waste Management: Socio-economic Considerations 661
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Reduction of Soil Acidity for Agriculture Activities in Malaysian Ultisols by Rhodopseudomonas Palustris 667
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Urban Forest Cover Change and Sustainability of Malaysian Cities 673
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Preliminary Analysis of Remote Sensing Technology in Urban Planning in Malaysia 679
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Framework for Greenhouse Gas Accounting Towards Green Port 685
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Effect of Polyaniline on Surface Properties of Polysulfone Membrane 691
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Polymer Mixed Matrix Membrane with Graphene Oxide for Humic Acid Performances 697
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Performance of Polysulfone/ Pani Membrane for Humic Acid Separation 703
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Economic and Environmental Assessment for Integrated Biogas Upgrading with CO2 Utilization in Palm Oil Mill 715
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Comparison of Different Types of Carbamate Amine for Stripping Process 721
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Resource Planning for Sustainable Production of Tailor-made Green Diesel 727
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Towards Low Carbon Universities in Nigeria: Agenda for Green Information Technology 733
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A Heuristic Framework for Process Safety Assessment During Research and Development Design Stage 739
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Development of Optimisation Model Based on Genetic Algorithms for Palm Oil Refining Industry 745
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Simulation and Sensitivity Study of Industrial Low Density Polyethylene Tubular Reactor 757
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Use of Kaolin as Adsorbent for Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas 763
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Development of a Model for Benchmarking of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission in Cold-end of Olefin Plant 1219
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Development of Waste-to-energy Plant in Kuala Lumpur 1237
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