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Laminar Burning Velocity of Multi-component Gaseous Mixtures 1
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Visualization of Aluminum Dust Flame Propagation in a Square-section Tube 7
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Evaluation of Cyclic Corrosion on Astm A335 P92 Steel Exposed to a Combustion Atmosphere in a Horizontal Boiler 13
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A Minimal Model for the Vegetation Combustion in Wildfire Simulators 19
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Inwards Doors Blocked by Fire Induced Overpressure in Airtight Apartment: a Real Case in Germany 25
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Safe and Selective Operation of Fine Chemical Reactions Through the Semi Batch Recycle Reactor (sbrr) 31
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Cooling Configuration Effect on the Thermal Risk of Tubular Reactor 37
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Fault Detection in the Green Chemical Process: Application to an Exothermic Reaction 43
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Improving Safety of Process Plants, Through Smart Systems for Critical Equipment Monitoring 49
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Fire Source Position Strategy for Chemical Plants Based on Image and Numerical Simulation Technology 55
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Multicomponent Dispersion of Hydrocarbons at Sea: Source Term Evaluation and Hydrodynamic Simulation of the Spill 61
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Mesophilic Dark Fermentation of Food Waste for Biohydrogen Production in a Mixed Batch Reactor 67
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Ageing Assessment and Management at Major-hazard Industries 73
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A Study on and Analysis of Hazardous Chemical Warehouse Construction Project Management System 79
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Smart Logistics Management of Hazardous Chemicals Based on Internet of Things 85
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Further Analysis on Cumulative and Synergic Effect of Risks and Hazards on Selected Protected Object 91
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Optimization of Hazardous Chemical Waste Location-routing Logistics Based on Uncertain Conditions 97
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Risk Assessment Method of Goaf Water Hazard in Coal Mine: Application of Gis-based Ahp Vulnerability Index Method 103
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Human Factor Assessment in Assembly Line: an Operative Model 109
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A New Approach to the Assessment of Explosion Risk of Dusts. 115
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Inherent Safety Assessment of Lng Fuelled Ships and Bunkering Operations: a Consequence-based Approach 121
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Applying Agent Based Modelling and Simulation for Domino Effect Assessment in the Chemical Industries 127
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Economic and Environmental Assessment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Processing Innovations 133
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Quantitative Consequence Assessment of Industrial Accidents Supported by Dynamic Process Simulators 139
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Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution in Organic Food 145
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Safety Assessment of Scenarios Triggered by Accidental Seawater Immersion of Lithium Batteries in Innovative Naval Applications 151
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Risk-assessment V1.0: a New Interactive Software to Develop Risk Assessment Using Matlab® 157
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Current Importance of the Assessment of the Occupational Noise Exposure in a Quality Approach 163
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A Methodological Approach for the Characterization of Hazardous Zones Due to Potentially Explosive Atmospheres: a Case Study 169
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Influence of Initial Temperature on Explosion Severity Parameters of Methanol/air Hybrid Mixture Measured in 1-m3 Vessel 175
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CFD Study of the Behavior of Lpg Tanks Exposed to Forest Fires 181
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Simplified Criteria for the Application of Blast Loads from Accidental Explosions in Plant Design 187
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Experimental Study on Influence of Ignition Energy on Gas Explosion Reaction Characteristics 193
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Gasoline-air Mixture Explosion in a Semi-confined Space with a 90° Bend 199
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Metal Waste Dusts from Mechanical Workings – Explosibility Parameters Investigation 205
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Performance Analysis of Using Discarded Water Bottles in Explosive Column for Surface Mine Blasts 211
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Development and Application of Fire & Explosion Risk Index Methods to Chemical Process Plants 217
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Tomographic and Scattering Based Methods for Damage Detection on Atmospheric Storage Tanks 223
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Computer Aided Hazop Study Implementation Bottleneck in Chemical Industry 229
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Establishment and Application of Early Warning Model for Gas Safety Management 235
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Analysis of Firewater Runoff in Seveso Chemical Plant 241
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Security Management of Process Plants by a Bayesian Network Methodology 247
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Sound Barriers Management in Process Safety: Bow-tie Approach According to the first Official Aiche - Ccps Guidelines 253
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Practical Les Modelling of Jet Fires: Issues and Challenges 259
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Research on the Supply Chain Integration Mode of Dangerous Chemicals in Colleges and Universities 265
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Design for Temperature Control System of Ignition Point Detection Instrument Base on Self-adaption 271
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Risk Evaluation of Road Transportation of Dangerous Chemicals Based on Fahp and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation 277
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Use of Lopa Concept to Support Automated Simulation-based Hazop Study 283
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Mathematical Modeling of Gas Monitoring and Control in the Coal Mine 289
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Facing Emerging Risks in Carbon Sequestration Networks. a Comprehensive Source Modeling Approach. 295
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Evaluation Failure Possibility of Oil and Gas Pipelines Based on Uncertainty Measurement Theory 301
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A Novel Methodology and Technology to Promote the Social Acceptance of Biomass Power Plants Avoiding Nimby Syndrome 307
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Education: an Essential Tool for the Dissemination of the Culture of Safety 313
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What is Role of Different Type of Pollution in Tfp Growth? -empirical Research in China 319
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Modeling and Training: How System Dynamics is Usable in Osh and Mah Frameworks 325
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The Role of Safety Training and Safety Leadership in Determining Safety Organisational Citizenship Behaviours 331
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Notes: Non-technical Skills for Safety. Safety Interventions Implemented in Chemical Plant 337
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Analysis of Catastrophic Shifts Between Different Moving Vegetation Patterns 343
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Local Multi-risk Screening: the Application of a Semi-quantitive Methodology on an Italian Case-study 349
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“offshore Directive” on Major Accidents: a Barrier-based Safety Management System Built on Shared Ontologies and Taxonomies. Real Applications in Italy. 355
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Establishment of the Chemical Project Risk Management Model Based on Bp Neural Network 361
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How Inspections Outcomes May Improve the Foresight of Operators and Regulators in Seveso Industries 367
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A Systematic Procedure to Combine the Integral Management Systems in a Services Sector Companies 373
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The Management of Industrial Safety in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry by Comparing Costs and Benefits 379
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Design of Hse Management Information System for Chemical Enterprises 385
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Analysing Accidents and Lessons Learned: You Can’t Improve What You Don't Measure 391
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The Impact of Regulation on Occupational Safety – a Regional Study for Italian Food Industry. 397
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Ageing and Creeping Management in Major Accident Plants According to Seveso Iii Directive 403
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Iafsa-gm-based Chemical Industrial Park Photovoltaic Plants Power Prediction Model 409
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Hydrogen Jet-fire: Accident Investigation and Implementation of Safety Measures for the Design of a Downstream Oil Plant 415
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Water Pollution Prevention and Control of Chemical Enterprises Based on Cooperative Game 421
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Application of Cleaner Production for Environmental Management in Mezcauchos Sas 427
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Empirical Research on Environmental Information Disclosure and Equity Capital Cost of Chinese Chemical Enterprises 433
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Developing a Crisis Management Exercise Training in Industrial Environment: from Needs Analysis to Exercise Facilitation 439
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Relationship Between Chemical Talents Ecological Environment and Innovation Performance 445
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Identification of Performance Evaluation Indicators for Health, Safety, Environment, and Ergonomics Management Systems 451
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Environment & Safety Risk Analysis of Storage Tank Accidents Based on Vulnerability, Process Management and Emergency Management 457
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Optimization of the Economic and Environmental Profile of Hci Removal in a Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Through Historical Data Analysis 463
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Grid-air Environment Planning Considering Environmental Factors 469
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Electricity Generation from Anaerobic Digestion in Italy: Environmental Consequences Related to the Deletion of Economic Subsidies 475
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Environment Supervision System for Chemical Industry Park Based on Iot 481
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Enrichment Law of Hazardous Chemicals Enrichment Under Dangerous Chemical Environment of Coal Mining 487
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A Bibliometric Analysis Environmental Impact Assessment Literature: an Expanding and Shifting Focus 493
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Coal Chemical Wastewater Treatment Process Based on Computer Simulation Technology 499
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Integrated Waste Treatment System Combining Biogas Technology and Pyrolysis 505
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Analysis and Control of Pollution Characteristics of Chemical Waste Water 511
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Reduction of Lead and Silicon in Wastewater from Gas Scrubbing of a Company Using Micronanobubbles of Air-ozone 517
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Chemical Plant Waste Water Treatment Based on Ozonation Method 523
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Effect of the Hydrodynamic Cavitation for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater 529
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Ultrasound-assisted Copper Foam/h2o2 System for Treatment of Printing and Dyeing Wastewater 535
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Influencing Factors and Emission-reducing Potential on Carbon Emission in the Industrial Sectors of Economic Underdeveloped Areas——a Case Study 541
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CFD Modelling of Vertical Lng Tanks Adopted in Heavy Trucks Refuelling Stations 547
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Emission Law of Chemical Pollutants in Buildings 553
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Formulation of Strategies for the Implementation of Integral Management System Based on Iso 9001:2015 Y 14001:2015 in the Company Surtiapliques (bogota'-colombia) 559
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Way of Carbon Emission Reduction in Coal Mines Based on Carbon Balance Method and B-wilson Method 565
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The Solidification Mechanism of Cement and Fly Ash Towards Contaminated Soil 571
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Mapping of Nonconformities That Impact the Performance of Cooling Towers: Refinery Case 577
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Application of Uav in Monitoring Chemical Pollutant Gases 583
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Design and Implementation of Logistics Application Platform for Hazardous Chemicals Based on Internet of Things 589
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Preparation and Properties of Epoxy Resin Emulsion Cement 595
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Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolites from Spent Fcc Catalysts 601
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Footprint Reduction Strategy for Industrial Site Operation 607
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Electricity Pricing Game Mechanism Based on Energy Chemistry Internet of Things 613
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Energy-saving Effect of Green Buildings in Chemical Plants 619
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Five Steps for Process Development Under the Energy Sustainability Criteria 625
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Distribution Characteristics of Chemical Pollution Particulates in Oak Forest Area of Taihang Mountains 631
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Pollutant Removal from Gaseous and Aqueous Phases Using Hydrochar-based Activated Carbon 637
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Application of Cloud Computing in the Early Warning Management of Chemical Water Pollution Accidents 643
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Land Metal Pollution and Improvement Based on Svm Vector Machine 649
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Evaluation on Soil Heavy Metal Pollution by Fuzzy Mathematics 655
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Integration of Biomass Gasification and Hot Gas Cleaning Processes 661
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Purification of Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) Produced by Fatty Acid Fermentation Using Organic Polar Solvents 667
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Management Mechanism of Chemical Engineering Production Management Based on Game Model 673
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Risk Based Decision-making Approach for Define the Maintenance Strategy of Gas Turbine Blades. 679
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A Dynamic Logistics Strategy for Dangerous Goods Based on Cloud Computing 685
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Systematic Methodology for Inherent Safety Indicators Supporting of Early Design Stages of Offshore Oil & Gas Projects 691
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Features of Serious and Extraordinarily Serious Work Safety Accidents in China 697
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Logistics Ports Layout Planning of Dangerous Chemicals Based on Regression Analysis 703
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Virtual Reality Construction of Petrochemical Industry Safety Based on Three-dimensional Model 709
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Monitoring Electromagnetic Fields and Safe Operation Levels in Electrical Power Transmission Lines 715
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Design and Simulation of Power Generation System Based on Photovoltaic Cells 721
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Effective Fire Extinguishing Systems for Lithium-ion Battery 727
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Analysis of Influence of Electrochemical Battery Energy Storage Regulation Technology on Stable Operation of Power System 733
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Quantitative Risk Assessment on a Hydrogen Refuelling Station 739
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Analysis of Hazardous Chemicals Transportation Accidents and Transportation Management 745
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Transportation of Hazardous Materials via Pipeline: a Historical Overview 751
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Road Users Exposed to Harm from Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Definition and Estimation 757
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Design and Implementation of Logistics Storage and Transportation System for Dangerous Chemicals Based on Internet of Things 763
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Safety of Dangerous Goods Transportation by Road: a Comparison Between Qram and Giis Software 769
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Critical Element Designation System in Rail Transport in the Czech Republic 775
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Destination Project: Data Analysis Relating to the Transport of Dangerous Substances by Road in 2015 781
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Demand Energy Forecasting Using Genetic Algorithm to Guarantee Safety on Electrical Transportation System 787
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Finite Element Analysis on the Thermal Stress of Lng Carriers’ Tanks 793
Dong Haihui, Xu Qing DOI:10.3303/CET1867133
Exponential Predictive Model of Excavation Damages on a Natural Gas Distribution Network Situated on Metropolitan Regions of São Paulo State – Brazil 799
Vasconcelos Da Silva Flávio, Battaglini Pirani Rodrigo, Rodrigues Sergio, Fernandes De Sa Stefano DOI:10.3303/CET1867134
Queue Formation and Evacuation Modelling in Road Tunnels During Fires 805
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Tram: a New Quantitative Methodology for Tunnel Risk Analysis 811
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The Relationship Between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Based on Vector Error Correction Model 817
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Dynamic Analysis of Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Based on the Pvar Model 823
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Application of Firefly Algorithm in Scheduling Optimization of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power with Multiple Objectives 829
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Application of Bp Neural Network Optimization Based on Pso Algorithm in Energy Development 835
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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Control Based on Fuzzy Algorithm 841
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Construction and Application of Mathematical Model of Energy Economy 847
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Life Prediction and Matching Test of Decommissioned Power Battery Based on Energy Storage System 853
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Basic Concept Towards Protection Against Chemical Terrorism 859
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Potential and Limits of Iot for Hazardous Job in Process Industries 865
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The Effects of Extreme Winds on Industrial Equipment 871
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Infrared Imaging Software for Jet Fire Analysis 877
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Analysis of Operational Risks in the Storage of Liquid Ammonium Nitrate in a Petrochemical Plant, Through the Hazop Methodology 883
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