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Application of En14181 and En15267 to Electronic Noses: Challenge Or Provocation? 139
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Investigation of Electronic Nose Sensor Drift Correction Methods and Their Application to Environmental Samples 289
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Odour Detection Method of Silk Products Based on Electronic Nose Technology 295
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Identification of Specific Odour Markers in Oil from Diseased Olive Fruits Using an Electronic Nose 301
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Application of Electronic Nose Technology in Coal Mine Risk Prediction 307
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Self Organizing Map Algorithm as a Tool for Analysis, Visualization and Interpretation of Electronic Nose High Dimensional Raw Data 313
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Testing Performances of a Newly Designed Olfactometer 325
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Continuous Measurement of Odorant Composition for Liquefied Petroleum Gas 331
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Risk Level Analysis of Petrochemical Hazardous Gas Leakage Based on Odour Recognition and CFD Simulation Technology 337
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Factorial Experimental Design to Optimize a Methodology to Analyse Odorous Chemical Mixtures: Effect on a Sensors Array and on Odour Concentration 343
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Design and Implementation of the Management and Detection System of Dangerous Production Raw Materials Based on Odor Sensor Technology 349
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Design and Realization of Indoor Air Odor Control System Based on Stm32 Single Chip Microcomputer 361
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Design and Implementation of Toxic Gas Concentration Monitoring System for Indoor Decoration Based on Odour Sensor Technology 367
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Effect of Odor Marketing on Consumers’ Perceived Experience and Its Digitalizing Application 379
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Design and Implementation of Oral Odor Detection System for Diabetic Patients 385
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Wireless Electronic Smell System for the Detection of Diseases Through the Exhaled Breath 391
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Respiratory Odor Recognition and Disease Diagnosis Method of Gastric Cancer Based on the Concept of Combination of Disease and Syndrome 397
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The Technique of Extracting and Detecting Athletes' Oral Odors Based on the Analysis of Biological Characteristics 403
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Development of a New Instrumental Measurement of Odorous Vocs Based on Precise Fingerprints Obtained by a Multitude of Biosensors 409
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Analysis for Improvement of Kitchen Odour by Oil Fume Purification Technology 415
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Investigations on the Removal of Hydrophobic Odorous Volatile Organic Compounds by Biotrickling Filtration Monitored with Electronic Nose 421
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Thermal Desorption System for Breath Samples Analysis from Colombian Patients with Gastric Cancer 427
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Photocatalyst Technology for Deodorization in Household Refrigerator Based on Odor Removal 433
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Optimization of Ch4 Removal from Diluted Emissions and Continuous Phb Production by Methylocystis Hirsuta: Towards Ghg Biorefineries 439
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Odour Treatment Method of Wastewater Treatment Plant Based on Biological Oxidation Process 457
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Comparative Evaluation of a Biotrickling Filter and a Tubular Photobioreactor for the Continuous Abatement of Toluene 463
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Determination and Distribution of Indoor Off-odor Pollutants 475
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Mos2/zno Nanoparticles for H2s Removal 481
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Cu-graphene Nanostructures for Low Concentration Ch3sh Removal 487
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The Odor Treatment Methods of Wastewater Treatment Plant Based on Biological Oxidation Process 493
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Sewage Odor Elimination Based on Photocatalytic Oxidation 499
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Methodological Aspects of Odorimetry in Environmental Audits of the Wastewater Treatment Plants 505
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Odor Recognition and Control Measures of Harmful Substances in Drinking Water Sources in Irrigated Area of Yellow River 511
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Model of H2s Catalytic Oxidation in an Iac–pbr 517
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Taihu Lake Safety Management and Determination Technologies Based on Odor Test 523
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Graphene Aerogel for the Removal of Bad Smells from Recycling of Post-consumer Polymers 529
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