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ICMF Award

Beginning with the Lyon meeting in 1998, SENIOR and JUNIOR AWARDS have been presented at the International Conference on Multiphase Flows. These awards provide recognition of outstanding achievements and influential contributions in multiphase flow research. The selection of the recipients is determined by the ICMF Award Committee. The current members of the Awards Committee are
• Rodney Fox (Chair), Iowa State University, USA
• Takeo Kajishima, Osaka University, Japan
• Hans Kuipers, Eindhoven University of Technology, The
• Melany Hunt, California Institute of Technology, USA
• Jacques Magnaudet, Institut de la Mecanique des Fluides
   de Toulouse, France
• Tomoji Takamasa, Tokyo University of Marine Science
   and Technology, Japan
Recipients of this award will be honored at the ICMF and will present a lecture on their work.

Senior Award

The SENIOR AWARD recognizes an individual's significant scientific/technical contributions to the field of multiphase flow research, as well as outstanding leadership in promoting scholarship, research, development and education in this field.

Past recipients of the Senior Award:
2013: John K. Eaton (Stanford University, USA)
2010: Gad Hetsroni (Technion, Israel)
2007: Geoffrey F. Hewitt (Imperial College London, UK)
2004: Andrea Prosperetti (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
2001: Clayton Crowe (Washingtin State University, USA)
1998: Thomas J. Hanratty (University of Urbana-
          Champaign, USA)

Nominations for Senior Award

The nomination letter should include a brief statement about the contributions of the nominee and a rationale for the award. From all the nominations, the Awards Committee will select a short list of 5 nominees and request from the respective nominators a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a list of candidate's publications, on the basis of which the final selection will be made.

Letters of nomination should be submitted by February 29, 2016 to the Awards Committee Chair (Prof. Rodney Fox) at

Junior Award

The JUNIOR AWARD recognizes significant scientific/ technical breakthroughs in the field of multiphase flow research made by a researcher younger than 40 years at the date of the Award presentation.

Past recipients of the Junior Award:
2010: Neelesh Patankar (Northwestern University, USA)
2007: Christophe Clanet (Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau,
2004: Fumio Takemura (National Institute of Advanced
          Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
1998: Howard H. Hu (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Nominations for Junior Award

As a minimum, nominations should include:
• Name, date of birth, and address of nominee
• Brief CV of nominee
• List of 5 significant publications
• Rationale for the award
After drawing up a short list of 5 nominees, the Awards Committee will request from the nominators three letters of recommendation, on the basis of which the final selection will be made.

Letters of nomination should be submitted by February 29, 2016 to the Awards Committee Chair (Prof. Rodney Fox) at

Article 13 of the ICMF by-laws entitled "Awards Committee" states: The Awards Committee shall consist of the six senior members on the Governing Board. The Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for the senior and junior awards and for selecting the top nominees. The committee shall report the final selections to the entire Governing Board for approval. According to custom, the members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for either award, nor do they present nominations.


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