Venue &
General Information

"Mixing 2006" will be held at

the Faculty of Engineering
of the University of Bologna
Viale del Risorgimento 2,
40136 Bologna

The venue is not far from the city centre.

overall map

town centre and Mixing Conference venue

Bologna is an important node in the Italian railway and highway network and has an international airport (Guglielmo Marconi, BLQ) which is 25 min from the Historical Center

From the airport to the city centre and the railway station you can take the express bus (Aerobus, 4.50 euro) or a taxi.

For getting to the conference venue, please refer to the local map of the area, whose name is marked by the ancient gate ('Porta Saragozza).

Situated in the Po Valley area, Bologna was one of the most important Etruscan cities with the name of Felsina, which was changed into Bononia when it passed under the Romans in the third century B.C. It retained its prestige under the Roman Empire, though experiencing a certain decline with its end. A new era of prosperity began in the eleventh century, at which time the University (the Studium) was founded. The city of Bologna is unique for the consistency of its urban structure. Even the most beautiful Renaissance and Baroque palaces are part of the medieval city plan. 38 kilometres of colonnades mark the structure of the city within the ancient walls.

Information about the town can be downloaded from: