Volume 77, 2019

Guest Editors: Genserik Reniers, Bruno Fabiano
Copyright © 2019, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.,
ISBN 978-88-95608-74-7;
ISSN 2283-9216


This volume consists of nine topics including:
(1) Risk assessment and safety management;
(2)Human and organisational factors of risk and safety;
(3) Process safety engineering and technological innovations;
(4) Fires, explosions, and toxic releases
(5) Simulation and modelling for safer processes;
(6) Physical security and cyber security in process plants;
(7) Learning from accidents and process safety education;
(8) Communication of risk and process safety information;
(9) Leadership, risk governance, and regulatory issues;

All the articles have been peer-reviewed for acceptance by at least two reviewers, frequently by three and rarely by more (see: Publication Policy) All the articles are identified by a DOI number and will be evaluated for inclusion into SCOPUS and SCHOLAR citation databases.

Genserik Reniers, Bruno Fabiano
(Guest Editors)

a Journal of AIDIC The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering