Volume 76, 2019

Guest Editors: Petar S. Varbanov, Timothy G. Walmsley, Jirí J. Klemeš, Panos Seferlis
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ISBN 978-88-95608-73-0;
ISSN 2283-9216


This Volume of Chemical Engineering Transactions is dedicated to the latest developments in the area of Process Integration and Pollution Reduction. It comprises nearly 250 articles on theory, modelling and industrial applications concerning technologies in heat exchange and energy conversion, separation, resource management, regional and environmental issues, and materials design. All articles are united by the purpose to deliver solutions for minimising the energy, resource use and environmental footprints.
The papers cover the following scientific areas:
• Heat Integration and energy saving
• Total Site Integration
• Industrial process retrofit and improvement
• Renewable energy and utility systems
• Process simulation
• Systems and product synthesis
• Mathematical optimisation
• Process analysis and modelling
• Heat exchangers and heat transfer
• Cleaner production and emissions control
• Footprint minimisation and mitigation
• Power systems design and optimisation
• Sustainable energy planning
• Operations and supply chain management
• Waste and wastewater management
• Waste-to-energy
• Process dynamics and control
• Reactor and catalyst engineering
• Fluid dynamics
• Knowledge transfer
All manuscripts have undergone rigorous peer review and the contributions accepted in the volume have been assured to meet stringent content and formal requirements. Sincere appreciation is expressed to the 106 reviewers, who have supported the review process for several iterations and contributed enormously to the successful completion of the volume.

Petar S. Varbanov, Timothy G. Walmsley, Jirí J. Klemeš, Panos Seferlis
(Guest Editors)

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