Volume 69, 2018

Guest Editors: Elisabetta Brunazzi, Eva Sorensen
Copyright © 2018, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.,
ISBN 978-88-95608-66-2;
ISSN 2283-9216


The content of this Volume showcases the newest and best in distillation & absorption technology; it provides an opportunity to read and gain experience on a broad range of fundamental and applied aspects:
basic data and fundamental principles; carbon capture and absorption; conceptual process design and life cycle analysis; modelling and simulation; control, operation, troubleshooting and manufacturing excellence;
reactive and hybrid separations; emerging separations and technologies; equipment design; energy efficiency and technology

Elisabetta Brunazzi, Eva Sorensen
(Guest Editors)

a Journal of AIDIC The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering