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Table of Contents & Authors Index
Gas Explosion Venting: External Explosion Turbulent Flame Speeds That Control the Overpressure 1
Fakandu B., Mbam C., Andrews G., Phylaktou H. DOI:10.3303/CET1653001
Explosion Parameters of Coke Oven Gas in 1 M3 Explosion Chamber 7
Skrinsky J., Veres J., Peer V., Friedel P., Travnickova J., Dalecka A. DOI:10.3303/CET1653002
Fluidized Bed Straw Pellets Combustion with Minimal Emissions of Carbon Monoxide 13
Isemin R., Klimov D., Mikhalev A., Milovanov O., Muratova N., Zaichenko V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653003
Reducing Wildland Fire Hazard Exploiting Complex Network Theory: a Case Study Analysis 19
Russo L., Russo P., Siettos C. DOI:10.3303/CET1653004
Rapid Estimation of the Heat Release Rate for Combustible Items 25
Dusso A., Grimaz S., Salzano E. DOI:10.3303/CET1653005
The Burning Velocity of Pulverised Biomass: the Influence of Particle Size 31
Saeed M., Slatter D.M., Andrews G., Phylaktou H., Gibbs B. DOI:10.3303/CET1653006
Quick Assessment of the Hot Gas Layer Temperature and Potential Fire Spread Between Combustible Items in a Confined Space 37
Dusso A., Grimaz S., Salzano E. DOI:10.3303/CET1653007
Auto-ignition Temperature of 1-pentanol and Its Binary Mixtures with Water 43
Veres J., Skrinsky J., Travnickova J., Dalecka A., Sevcikova S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653008
On the Mesoscopic Model of Mass Transfer in Microporous Membranes 49
Sakhmetova G., Brener A., Satayev M., Korabayeva K. DOI:10.3303/CET1653009
Study of Inorganic Polution Sorption from Acidic Solutions by Natural Sorbents 55
Balintova M., Demcak S., Singovszka E., Pagacova B. DOI:10.3303/CET1653010
An Experimental Study on Vapor Cloud Explosion of Propane-oxygen Stoichiometric Mixture 61
Heymes F., Aprin L., Slangen P., Lauret P., Lapebie E., Osmont A. DOI:10.3303/CET1653011
Calculation of the Flame Size from Burning Liquid Pools 67
Bubbico R., Dusserre G., Mazzarotta B. DOI:10.3303/CET1653012
Consequences of Liquid Jet Breakup Resulting from Interaction with Overpressure Wave from Domino Effect 73
Lauret P., Heymes F., Slangen P., Aprin L., Lecysyn N. DOI:10.3303/CET1653013
Application of CFD Simulation to Safety Problems – Challenges and Experience Including a Comparative Analysis of Hot Plume Dispersion from a Ground Flare 79
Zuliani C., De Lorenzi C., Ditali S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653014
Runaway Problems in Unsteady State Tubular Reactors 85
Copelli S., Croci S., Fumagalli A., Derudi M., Rota R., Barozzi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1653015
Bases for Modelling the Impacts of the Critical Infrastructure Failure 91
Rehak D., Novotny P. DOI:10.3303/CET1653016
Probabilistic Fault Tree Analysis of Refinery Plant Components Subject to Earthquake Scenarios 97
Vianello C., Zanini M.A., Pellegrino C., Maschio G. DOI:10.3303/CET1653017
Application of Cost-benefit Analysis for the Selection of Process-industry Related Security Measures 103
Villa V., Reniers G.L.L., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653018
Comparison of Classical and “cause Consequence Diagrams” Recursive Operability Analysis: the T2 Laboratories Accident 109
Contini S., Contini P.M., Torretta V., Sala Cattaneo C., Raboni M., Copelli S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653019
Simultaneous Operations Risk Assessment 115
Marucco D. DOI:10.3303/CET1653020
Assessment of Ecological Risk of Sediment in Rivers of Eastern Slovakia 121
Singovszka E., Balintova M. DOI:10.3303/CET1653021
Adopting Iot Technologies to Control Risks in Confined Space: a Multi-criteria Decision Tool 127
Botti L., Bragatto P., Duraccio V., Gnoni M.G., Mora C. DOI:10.3303/CET1653022
Advanced Attractiveness Assessment of Process Facilities with Respect to Malevolent External Attacks 133
Argenti F., Landucci G. DOI:10.3303/CET1653023
1-d Mathematical Modelling of Flood Wave Propagation 139
Ivanova O., Ivanov M. DOI:10.3303/CET1653024
A Risk-based Milp Approach for Optimal Placement of Flammable Gas Detectors 145
Rad A., Rashtchian D. DOI:10.3303/CET1653025
Application of Bayesian Networks to Quantitative Assessment of Safety Barriers’ Performance in the Prevention of Major Accidents 151
Villa V., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653026
Sensitivity Analysis of Dust Explosion Consequences in a Roller Mill Using Flacs-dustex 157
Ghaffari M., Van Wingerden K., Gjovag Hagen J.T., Skjold T., Storvik I. DOI:10.3303/CET1653027
A Framework for Probabilistic Seismic Risk Assessment of Ng Distribution Networks 163
Zanini M.A., Vianello C., Faleschini F., Hofer L., Maschio G. DOI:10.3303/CET1653028
Dynamic Evaluation of Risk: from Safety Indicators to Proactive Techniques 169
Landucci G., Paltrinieri N. DOI:10.3303/CET1653029
The Improvement of Safety Rules by a Participatory Method. a Case Study in a Chemical Company 175
Ricci A., Guglielmi D., Mariani M.G., Vignoli M., Violante F.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653030
Safety Participation in the Workplace: an Assessment Tool of Proactive Safety Orientations by Individuals (pro-safe) 181
Curcuruto M. DOI:10.3303/CET1653031
Systemising Performance Indicators in the Assessment of Complex Sociotechnical Systems 187
Ernstsen J., Nazir S., Roed B.K., Manca D. DOI:10.3303/CET1653032
How Extreme Environments Can Condition the Training of Industrial Operators 193
Manca D., Nazir S., Komulainen T., Øvergård K.I. DOI:10.3303/CET1653033
Instructional Information System Using Ar Technology for Chemical Plants 199
Nakai A., Suzuki K. DOI:10.3303/CET1653034
Remote Pilot Aircraft System (rpas): Just Culture, Human Factors and Learnt Lessons 205
Fontaine O., Martinetti A., Michaelides Mateou S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653035
A Role of Education System in Creation of Safety Culture 211
Aleksandrov A., Devisilov V., Ivanov M. DOI:10.3303/CET1653036
Collaborative Virtual Environment for Training Teams in Emergency Situations 217
Passos C., Nazir S., Mol A.C., Carvalho P.V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653037
Incidents Triggered by Failures of Level Sensors 223
Ansaldi S., Agnello P., Bragatto P. DOI:10.3303/CET1653038
Catastrophic Transitions in a Forest-grassland Ecosystem 229
Russo L., Spiliotis C., Siettos C. DOI:10.3303/CET1653039
Accessing the Impact of the Contact Transmission Network Topology in Ebola Virus Epidemic in Liberia: a Comparative Study Using Agent-based Simulations 235
Russo L., Anastassopoulou C., Grigoras C., Siettos C., Mylonakis E. DOI:10.3303/CET1653040
Process Integration of Extended Sites and Regions – Consideration of Safety, Maintenance and Operational Issues 241
Varbanov P.S., Klemes J.J., Liu X. DOI:10.3303/CET1653041
Application of a Self-assessment Methodology for Occupational Safety to Biogas Industry 247
Saracino A., Casson Moreno V., Antonioni G., Spadoni G., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653042
Risk Due to the Ageing of Equipment: Assessment and Management 253
Bragatto P., Milazzo M.F. DOI:10.3303/CET1653043
Lessons Learned from Recent Accidents in Fireworks Establishments 259
Pirone A., Vallerotonda M.R., Bragatto P. DOI:10.3303/CET1653044
Study on Formation of Oil-in-water (o/w) Pickering Type Emulsion via Complexation Between Diesel and ?-cyclodextrin 265
Monazzami A., Vahabzadeh F., Aroujalian A. DOI:10.3303/CET1653045
A Discussion on the Risks Associated with Water Filling of Propane Tanks 271
Heymes F., Aprin L., Lauret P. DOI:10.3303/CET1653046
A Study on the Determining Role of Timely Emergency Management Based on Bhopal Gas Tragedy 277
Fabiano B., Seay J., Rehman A., Palazzi E. DOI:10.3303/CET1653047
Fpga-based I&c Systems in Nuclear Plants 283
Farias M., Martins R.H.S., Teixeira P.I.N., Carvalho P.V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653048
Effective Methods for Dust Collection and Separation of Aerosols on the Active Regimes of Phase Interaction 289
Bulekbayeva K., Turalina M., Orynbayeva U., Brener A. DOI:10.3303/CET1653049
Improved Anaerobic Digestion by A thermal Pretreatment 295
Bani K., Debal K., Bencheikh-Lehocine M. DOI:10.3303/CET1653050
An Analytical Model of Carbon Dioxide Jet from Pressurized Systems for Safety Distance Evaluation 301
Palazzi E., Curro F., Lunghi E., Fabiano B. DOI:10.3303/CET1653051
A Lumped Model for the Assessment of the Thermal and Mechanical Response of Lng Tanks Exposed to Fire 307
Scarponi G., Landucci G., Ovidi F., Cozzani V. DOI:10.3303/CET1653052
Internal Auditing of Process Safety 313
Allford L. DOI:10.3303/CET1653053
A New Method and Tools to Scenarios Design for Crisis Management Exercises 319
Limousin P., Tixier J., Bony-Dandrieux A., Chapurlat V., Sauvagnargues S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653054
Ges.sic.a.: an Innovative Approach for Monitoring and Managing Health and Safety in Activities with High Variability 325
Grimaz S., Capellari G. DOI:10.3303/CET1653055
Improving the Safety and the Operational Efficiency of Emergency Operators via On-field Situational Awareness 331
De Cillis F., Inderst F., Pascucci F., Setola R., Tesei M., Bragatto P. DOI:10.3303/CET1653056
Simulation of Pipeline Depressurization in the Transportation of Oil&gas with High CO2 and H2s Content 337
Raimondi L. DOI:10.3303/CET1653057
Experimental Study of Submerged Leakage from a Shipwreck Involving Floating Chemicals Cargo 343
Aprin L., Heymes F., Cosenza M., Lauret P., Slangen P., Le Floch S. DOI:10.3303/CET1653058
CCS safety
Numerical Modeling of Experimental Trials Involving Pressurized Release of Gaseous CO2 349
Mocellin P., Maschio G. DOI:10.3303/CET1653059
Large Scale Carbon Dioxide Release: Short-cut Modelling and Application 355
Palazzi E., Lunghi E., Reverberi A., Fabiano B. DOI:10.3303/CET1653060
Depressurization of CO2 Rich Mixtures: Challenges for the Safe Process Design of Ccs Facilities and CO2 Eor Systems 361
Luberti M., Natarajan S., Zaccheus Y., Giovanoglou A. DOI:10.3303/CET1653061