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Table of Contents & Authors Index
Technologies for the pre- and post-harvest
A Novel System to Measure Damaging Impacts on Table Olives 1
Catania P., Febo P., Alleri M., Vallone M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544001
Time-resolved Reflectance Spectroscopy as a Management Tool in the Fruit Supply Chain 7
Rizzolo A., Vanoli M., Grassi M., Spinelli L., Torricelli A. DOI:10.3303/CET1544002
Microwave Technology Applied in Post-harvest Treatments of Cereals and Legumes 13
Dalmoro A., Barba A.A., Caputo S., Marra F., Lamberti G. DOI:10.3303/CET1544003
Radio Frequency Treatment for Postharvest Disinfestation of Dates 19
Garbati Pegna F., Sacchetti P., Canuti V., Trapani S., Bergesio C., Belcari A., Zanoni B., Meggiolaro F. DOI:10.3303/CET1544004
Quality Effect of Ozone Treatment for the Red Raspberries Storage 25
Giuggioli N., Briano R., Girgenti V., Peano C. DOI:10.3303/CET1544005
Post-harvest Uv-c and Pl Irradiation of Fruits and Vegetables 31
Pataro G., Donsi G., Ferrari G. DOI:10.3303/CET1544006
Online Tomato Inspection Using X-ray Radiographies and 3-dimensional Shape Models 37
Van Dael M., Rogge S., Verboven P., Saeys W., Sijbers J., Nicolai B. DOI:10.3303/CET1544007
Recent Advances in Time-resolved Nir Spectroscopy for Nondestructive Assessment of Fruit Quality 43
Torricelli A., Contini D., Dalla Mora A., Martinenghi E., Tamborini D., Villa F., Tosi A., Spinelli L. DOI:10.3303/CET1544008
Building a Statistical Shape Model of the Apple from Corresponded Surfaces 49
Danckaers F., Huysmans T., Van Dael M., Verboven P., Nicolai B., Sijbers J. DOI:10.3303/CET1544009
High Power Ultrasound Assisted High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pasteurization of Fresh Cut Coconut 55
Ferrentino G., Spilimbergo S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544010
Postharvest Characterization of Olive Oil Fruits Texture by Nir and Vis/nir Spectroscopy 61
Giovenzana V., Beghi R., Civelli R., Marai S., Guidetti R. DOI:10.3303/CET1544011
Sensor Fusion for Maturity Determination of Pepper 67
Ignat T., Alchanatis V., Hoffman A., Egozi H., Schmilovitch Z. DOI:10.3303/CET1544012
A System to Control the Atmosphere in the Headspace of the Malaxation Machine to Enhance the Nutraceutical Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils 73
Catania P., Febo P., De Pasquale C., Aboud , Vallone M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544013
Effect of Sulphite and Uht Sterilization Parameters in the Coconut Water Quality 79
Sucupira N.R., Wurlitzer N., Dionisio A., Abreu F., Sousa P. DOI:10.3303/CET1544014
Anatomical Characterization and Evaluation of Starch Granules in Grains of Black Common Bean and Cowpea in Raw and Cooked 85
Miranda J.A., Carvalho L.M.J., Vieira A.C.M., Costa R., Guimaraes A.L. DOI:10.3303/CET1544015
Evaluation of Potential Use of a Compact Sorter Equipment for Small Vegetables Growers 91
Carmelo L., Miranda M., Spricigo P., Pilon L., Ferreira M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544016
Impact Measurement on Apple and Orange Packinghouses Using a Wireless Instrumented Sphere 97
Roa Y., Fruett F., Antoniolli L., Oliveira T., Poletto F., Ferreira M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544017
Volatile Compunds in Passion Fruit Seed Oil (passiflora Setacea Brs Pérola Do Cerrado and Passiflora Alata Brs Doce Mel) 103
Mattos De Paula R.C., Gomes Soares A., Pereira Freitas S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544018
Acidulants in Tropical Fruit Pulp: Physicochemical and Sensory Changes 109
De Farias Silva C.E., Caetano Da Silva I.C., Abud A.K.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544019
Sensory Properties Evaluation of Pine Nut (araucaria Angustifolia) Cereal Bars Using Response Surface Methodology 115
Conto L.C., De Souza J., Veeck A.P.L., Ponce G.H.S.F., Schmiele M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544020
Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Capacity of Pomegranate Peel Extract (punica Granatuml.) Under Different Drying Temperatures 121
Benossi Marchi L., Monteiro A.R., Mikcha J., Santos A., Chinelatto M., Marques D., Dacome A.S., Costa S.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1544021
Effect of Abrasive Pretreatment on Hot Dried Goji Berry 127
Adiletta G., Rizvi Alam S., Cinquanta L., Russo P., Albanese D., Di Matteo M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544022
The measure of quality
Mycotoxins: are They Perceived as a Serious Threat for Human Health? 133
Mollea C., Bosco F. DOI:10.3303/CET1544023
Ready-to-eat Vegetables: Microbial Quality and Active Packaging Solutions 139
Franzetti L., Musatti A., Caldera L., Rollini M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544024
"smart Bio Wine", a Project for Consumer Information, Business Competitiveness and Environmental Sustainability 145
Cecchini M., Monarca D., Colantoni A., Cossio F., Massantini R., Vinciguerra V., Bedini R. DOI:10.3303/CET1544025
Characterization of Pears During Drying by Conventional Technique and Portable non Invasive Nmr 151
Adiletta G., Russo P., Proietti N., Capitani D., Mannina L., Crescitelli A., Di Matteo M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544026
Preliminary Trials on Hyperspectral Imaging Implementation to Detect Mycotoxins in Dried Figs 157
Benalia S., Bernardi B., Cubero S., Leuzzi A., Larizza M., Blasco J. DOI:10.3303/CET1544027
Quantitative Surface Color Measurement of Tomato Fruit Using Illuminating Spectral Information of Natural Lighting 163
Hashimoto A., Suehara K.I., Kameoka T. DOI:10.3303/CET1544028
Daily Freshness Decay of Minimally Processed Apples Using Vis/nir Multispectral Imaging: Preliminary Tests 169
Civelli R., Amigo J., Giovenzana V., Beghi R., Guidetti R. DOI:10.3303/CET1544029
Computer Vision for Laboratory Quality Control on Frozen Fruit 175
Ricauda Aimonino D., Barge P., Comba L., Gay P., Occelli A., Tortia C. DOI:10.3303/CET1544030
Fast Neural Network Based X-ray Tomography of Fruit on a Conveyor Belt 181
Janssens E., Pelt D., De Beenhouwer J., Van Dael M., Verboven P., Nicolai B., Sijbers J. DOI:10.3303/CET1544031
Charaterizing Physical States of Agricultural Products Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging 187
Kim S.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544032
Quality Control of Tropical Fruit Pulp in Brazil 193
De Farias Silva C.E., De Oliveira Moura E.M., De Souza J.E.A., Abud A.K.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544033
Antioxidant Capacity Improvement of Cashew Apple Bagasse 199
Barretto L., Andrade T., Leao K., Moreira J., Freitas S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544034
Polyphenols from Grape and Apple Skins: a Study on Non-conventional Extractions and Biological Activity on Endothelial Cell Cultures 205
Casazza A., Aliakbarian B., Mura M., Chasseur M., Freguglia M., Valentini S., Palombo D., Perego P. DOI:10.3303/CET1544035
Sustainability in fruit and vegetables cultivation
Innovative Strategies and Machines for Physical Weed Control in Organic and Integrate Vegetable Crops 211
Fontanelli M., Frasconi C., Martelloni L., Pirchio M., Raffaelli M., Peruzzi A. DOI:10.3303/CET1544036
Optimization of Chelates Production Process for Agricultural Administration of Inorganic Micronutrients 217
Cascone S., Apicella P., Caccavo D., Lamberti G., Barba A.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1544037
Integrated Sustainability Appraisal of Wine-growing Management Systems Through Lca and Lcc Methodologies 223
Falcone G., Strano A., Stillitano T., De Luca A.I., Iofrida N., Gulisano G. DOI:10.3303/CET1544038
Sustainable Control of Oriental Fruit Moth, Cydia Molesta Busck, Using Isomate Ofm Rosso Dispensers in Peach Orchards in Bulgaria 229
Kutinkova H., Arnaudov V., Dzhuvinov V. DOI:10.3303/CET1544039
Hydrogel-based Granular Phytostrengtheners for Prolonged Release: Production and Characterization 235
Caccavo D., Cascone S., Amoroso M., Apicella P., Lamberti G., Barba A.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1544040
Organophosphate Pesticides Residues in Cooked Capsicum Annuum 241
Figueiredo V., Miranda J.A., Colares L., Carvalho J.L.V., Castro I., Carvalho L.M.J. DOI:10.3303/CET1544041
Variability of Total Carotenoids in C.moschata Genotypes 247
Carvalho L.M.J., Carvalho J.L.V., Faustino R.M., Maroto I., Lima V., Feijo D. DOI:10.3303/CET1544042
Major Volatile Composition of Four Distilled Alcoholic Beverages Obtained from Fruits of the Forest 253
Alonso E., Torrado A., Perez Guerra N. DOI:10.3303/CET1544043
Extraction and Characterization of Pectin from Citric Waste 259
Gama B., De Farias Silva C.E., Oliveira Da Silva L.M., Abud A.K.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544044
Effect of Different Extraction Methods on the Physico-chemical Properties of Pomelo Juice 265
Shamsudin R., Buang S., Aziz N.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1544045
Sensors and Automation for orchards and transformation processes
Table Olive Mechanical Harvesting with Trunk Shakers: Orchard Adaptations and Machine Improvements 271
Jimenez-Jimenez F., Blanco-Roldan G.L., Castillo-Ruiz F.J., Castro-Garcia S., Sola-Guirado R.R., Gil-Ribes J.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1544046
Machinery for Fresh Cut Watermelon and Melon 277
Schmilovitch Z., Alchanatis V., Ignat T., Hoffman A., Egozi H., Ronen B., Ostrovsky V., Vinokur Y., Rodov V. DOI:10.3303/CET1544047
An Amperometric Biosensor for the Determination of Lactic Acid During Malolactic Fermentation 283
Sannini A., Albanese D., Malvano F., Crescitelli A., Di Matteo M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544048
Precision Agriculture in the orchard
CFD Based Analysis of the Effect of Wind on Orchard Spraying 289
Duga A., Ruysen K., Dekeyser D., Nuyttens D., Baylemans D., Nicolai B., Verboven P. DOI:10.3303/CET1544049
Development of a Differential Grape Harvesting Methodology 295
Best S., Leon L., Quintana R. DOI:10.3303/CET1544050
Monitoring Strategies for Precise Production of High Quality Fruit and Yield in Apple in Emilia-romagna 301
Manfrini L., Pierpaoli E., Zibordi M., Morandi B., Muzzi E., Losciale P., Corelli Grappadelli L. DOI:10.3303/CET1544051
Deployment and Performance of a Uav for Crop Spraying 307
Giles D., Billing R. DOI:10.3303/CET1544052
Logistics in the harvest and post-harvest
Embedded System for Monitoring Impact Magnitude During Orange Transport 313
Oliveira T., Beneducci W., Bonfim P., Foschini M., Fruett F., Castellanos Rodriguez J.C., Ferreira M. DOI:10.3303/CET1544053
Evaluation of the Impact of Nitrous Oxide Use on Quality and Shelf Life of Packaged Fresh-cut ‘iceberg’ Lettuce and Wild Rocket 319
Ansah F.A., Amodio M.L., Colelli G. DOI:10.3303/CET1544054
Liquid Filling
Assessment of Operating Parameters, Membrane Fouling and Juice Quality During Acerola Ultrafiltration 325
Milani P., Prato A.M., Monteiro A.R., Maioral M., Benossi Marchi L., Costa S.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1544055
Validation of an Aseptic Packaging System of Liquid Foods Processed by Uht Sterilization 331
Vieira Ramos M., Wurlitzer N., Machado T.F., Sucupira N.R., Modesto A.L.G. DOI:10.3303/CET1544056
Shelf Life Extension of Raspberry: Passive and Active Modified Atmosphere Inside Master Bag Solutions 337
Adobati A., Uboldi E., Franzetti L., Limbo S. DOI:10.3303/CET1544057