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Unit Operation Design and Processing
Oxygen Transfer Performances of Unbaffled Bio_reactors with Various Aspect Ratios 1
Scargiali F., Busciglio A., Grisafi F., Micale G., Tamburini A., Brucato A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438001
Mild Process for Dehydrated Food-grade Crude Papain Powder from Papaya Fresh Pulp: Lab-scale and Pilot Plant Experiments 7
Lambri M., Roda A., Dordoni R., Fumi M.D., De Faveri D.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438002
Comparison Between Hydrodynamic and Acoustic Cavitation in Microbial Cell Disruption 13
Capocelli M., Prisciandaro M., Lancia A., Musmarra D. DOI:10.3303/CET1438003
Rapid Transgalactosylation Towards Lactulose Synthesis in a Small-scale Enzymatic Membrane Reactor (emr) 19
Sitanggang A.B., Drews A., Kraume M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438004
Effect of Nitrite and External Carbon Source on the via Nitrite Biological Phosphorus Removal 25
Katsou E., Malamis S., Frison N., Fatone F. DOI:10.3303/CET1438005
Study of Lead Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions on Agar Beads with Eps Produced from Paenibacillus Polymyxa 31
Mokaddem H., Azouaou N., Kaci Y., Sadaoui Z. DOI:10.3303/CET1438006
A Scaling-up Issue: the Optimal Bioreactor Configuration for Effective Fungal Treatment of Textile Wastewaters 37
Spina F., Romagnolo A., Prigione V., Tigini V., Varese G.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1438007
Batch Test Evaluation of Four Organic Substrates Suitable for Biological Groundwater Denitrification 43
Capodici M., Morici C., Viviani G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438008
Hydrodynamics of a Model Stirred Anaerobic Digester 49
Montante G., Paglianti A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438009
A New Model System for Monitoring the Biofilm Growth and Its Application in Industrial Processes 55
De Tora F., Buccolini M., Rossetti S., Tandoi V. DOI:10.3303/CET1438010
Power and Chemical Production Analysis Based on Biomass Gasification Processes 61
Sun L., Xu B., Smith R. DOI:10.3303/CET1438011
Phase Equilibria of Highly Asymmetric Mixtures Involved in Biodiesel Production 67
Annesini M.C., Gironi F., Guerani W. DOI:10.3303/CET1438012
Influence of Fuel Mixtures and Biomass on Efficiency and Safety in Combustion Process 73
Kafarov V., Merino L., Saavedra J., Zuorro A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438013
Analysis of Microalgae Growth in Residual Light: a Diagnostics Tool for Low-cost Alternative Cultural Media 79
Cicci A., Stoller M., Bravi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438014
Production of the Freshwater Microalgae Scenedesmus Dimorphus and Arthrospira Platensis by Using Cattle Digestate 85
Cicci A., Bravi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438015
Rotating Drum Biological Contactor for Immobilization of the White-rot Fungus Irpex Lacteus and Degradation of Textile Dyes 91
Sima J., Grant R., Beauchez M., Hasal P. DOI:10.3303/CET1438016
Lead Biosorption by Salvinia Natans Biomass: Equilibrium Study 97
Lima L.K.S., Silva J.F.L., Da Silva M.G.C., Vieira M.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438017
Evaluation of Molecular Weight Distribution of Sericin in Solutions Concentrated via Precipitation by Ethanol and Precipitation by Freezing/thawing 103
Da Silva T.L., da Silva Junior A.C., Ribani M., Vieira M.G.A., Gimenes M.L., Da Silva M.G.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1438018
Biosorption of Silver by Macrophyte Salvinia Cucullata 109
Cantuaria M.L., Almeida Neto A.F., Vieira M.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438019
Innovative of second Generation Ethanol Production from Biomass Crops by Pichia Stipitis 115
Aloisio L., De Santis A., Spera D.M., Pignatelli V., Albergo R. DOI:10.3303/CET1438020
Discoloration of Azo Dye Solutions by Adsorption on Activated Carbon Prepared from the Cryogenic Grinding of Used Tires 121
Ould Brahim I., Belmedani M., Belgacem A., Hadoun H., Sadaoui Z. DOI:10.3303/CET1438021
Numerical Study of Different Inlet Configurations on the Fluid Dynamics of an Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor 127
Maurina G., Rosa L., Beal L., Torres A., Sousa M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438022
CFD Analysis of the Effect of Baffle Plates on the Fluid Flow in an Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor 133
Rosa L., Pederiva L., Maurina G., Beal L., Torres A., Sousa M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438023
Pervaporation: Promissory Method for the Bioethanol Separation of Fermentation 139
Bermudez Jaimes J.H., Alvarez M.E.T., Villarroel Rojas J., Maciel Filho R. DOI:10.3303/CET1438024
Model of Many-particle Aggregation in Dense Particle Systems 145
Brener A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438025
Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solution Onto Untreated Coffee Grounds: a Fixed-bed Column Study 151
Azouaou N., Sadaoui Z., Mokaddem H. DOI:10.3303/CET1438026
Comparative Study on Efficiency of Biodigesters Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Treating Brewery Effluent 157
Godoy Junior E., Jesus R.O., Silva A.C., Camargo J.R., Daniletto J.R., Coelho E.P.D. DOI:10.3303/CET1438027
Biomass and Biopolymer Production Using Vegetable Wastes as Cheap Substrates for Extremophiles 163
Di Donato P., Finore I., Anzelmo G., Lama L., Nicolaus B., Poli A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438028
Study of a Discontinuous Fed-batch Fermentor for the Exploitation of Agricultural Biomasses to Produce Ii-generation Biodiesel 169
Pirozzi D., Travaglini G., Sagnelli D., Sannino F., Toscano G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438029
Properties and Sustainability of Biodiesel from Animal Fats and Fish Oil 175
Mata T., Mendes A., Caetano N., Martins A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438030
Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Iron on the Growth and the Bio-oil Productivity of Chlorella Vulgaris 181
Concas A., Steriti A., Pisu M., Cao G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438031
Integrated Microbial Process for Bioconversion of Crude Glycerol from Biodiesel Into Biosurfactants and Phas 187
Nicolò M.S., Franco D., Camarda V., Gullace R., Rizzo M.G., Fragala M., Licciardello G., Catara A., Guglielmino S.P.P. DOI:10.3303/CET1438032
Biobutanol Production from Hexose and Pentose Sugars 193
Raganati F., Procentese A., Olivieri G., Salatino P., Marzocchella A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438033
Hydrogen Photo-production by Mixotrophic Cultivation of Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii: Interaction Between Organic Carbon and Nitrogen 199
Altimari P., Di Caprio F., Toro L., Capriotti A.L., Pagnanelli F. DOI:10.3303/CET1438034
Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Pre-treatments on the Ch4-h2 Production from Water Buffalo Manure in Different Process Conditions 205
Guarino G., Di Cristofaro F., Carotenuto C., Morrone B., Minale M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438035
Effects of Light on Cultivation of Scenedesmus Obliquus in Batch and Continuous Flat Plate Photobioreactor 211
Sforza E., Gris B., De Farias Silva C.E., Morosinotto T., Bertucco A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438036
Isolation of Carotenoid-producing Yeasts from an Alpine Glacier 217
Amaretti A., Simone M., Quartieri A., Masino F., Raimondi S., Leonardi A., Rossi M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438037
Various Strategies for the Immobilization of Biocatalysts on Textile Carrier Materials 223
Opwis K., Straube T., Kiehl K., Gutmann J.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1438038
An Economically Viable Way to Produce Beer from the Maize Malt 229
Bailly R., Silva-Filho S.C.D., Sato N.M.N., Severo Junior J.B., Souza R.R.D., Santana J.C.C. DOI:10.3303/CET1438039
Antibacterial Water Filtration by Cationized Or Chitosan Coated Cotton Gauzeantibacterial Water Filtration by Cationized Or Chitosan Coated Cotton Gauze 235
Periolatto M., Ferrero F., Vineis C., Varesano A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438040
Generation of Loaded Pmma Scaffolds Using Supercritical CO2 Assisted Phase Separation 241
Cardea S., Baldino L., De Marco I., Reverchon E. DOI:10.3303/CET1438041
Tissue Dissociation and Primary Cells Isolation Using Recombinant Collagenases Class I and Ii 247
Salamone M., Saladino S., Pampalone M., Campora S., Ghersi G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438042
Isocyanates as Precursors to Biomedical Polyurethanes 253
Gabriel L., Zavaglia C., Jardini A., Dias C., Maciel Filho R. DOI:10.3303/CET1438043
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Sugarcane Bagasse Using Enzyme Extract and Whole Solid-state Fermentation Medium of Two Newly Isolated Strains of Aspergillus Oryzae 259
Pirota R., Delabona P., Farinas C. DOI:10.3303/CET1438044
Production of Ethyl Cellulose Scaffolds by Supercritical CO2 Phase Separation 265
De Marco I., Baldino L., Cardea S., Reverchon E. DOI:10.3303/CET1438045
Bioethanol from Fresh and Dried Banana Plant Pseudostem 271
Souza E.L.D., Liebl G.F., Marangoni C., Sellin N., Montagnoli M.D.S., Souza O. DOI:10.3303/CET1438046
Optimization of Cellulase Production by Bacillus Sp. Isolated from Sugarcane Cultivated Soil 277
Dias P., Ramos K., Padilha I., Araujo D., Santos S.F.M., Silva F.L.H. DOI:10.3303/CET1438047
Application of Plackett–burman Design for Medium Constituents Optimization for the Production of L-phenylacetylcarbinol (l-pac) by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 283
Miguez M., Nunes P., Coelho M.A., Pedraza S., Vasconcelos M., Carvalho O., Coelho F., Amaral P. DOI:10.3303/CET1438048
Transcriptional Analysis of Pha Genes in Pseudomonas Mediterranea Cfbp 5447 Grown on Glycerol 289
Licciardello G., Devescovi G., Bella P., De Gregorio C., Catara A., Guglielmino S.P.P., Venturi V., Catara V. DOI:10.3303/CET1438049
Digestion of Allergenic Fragments of Gliadin by Purified Enzymes from Hepatopancreas of Palinurus Elephas (fabricius, 1787) 295
Salamone M., Mazzola S., Ghersi G., Cuttitta A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438050
Lipase Production by Yarrowia Lipolytica in Solid State Fermentation Using Different Agro Industrial Residues 301
Farias M., Valoni E., Castro A., Coelho M.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438051
Production of Bioactive Substances in Fed-batch and Semi-continuous Culture by Pleurotus Ostreatus 307
Chaves M.B., Libardi Junior N., Borges G., Wisbeck E., Gern R., Furlan S., Furigo Junior A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438052
High Cell Density Cultures of Microalgae Under Fed-batch and Continuous Growth 313
Coelho R., Vidotti A., Marques Reis É., Franco T.T. DOI:10.3303/CET1438053
In Situ Transesterification from Oleaginous Yeast Biomass 319
Marques Reis É., Coelho R., Grimaldi R., Anschau A., Lacerda L., Chaar J., Franco T.T. DOI:10.3303/CET1438054
Miniaturized Culture for Heterotrophic Microalgae Using Low Cost Carbon Sources as a Tool to Isolate Fast and Economical Strains 325
Vidotti A., Coelho R., Franco L.M., Franco T.T. DOI:10.3303/CET1438055
Synthesis and Characterizations of Poly (lactic Acid) by Ring-opening Polymerization for Biomedical Applications 331
Savioli Lopes M., Jardini A., Maciel Filho R. DOI:10.3303/CET1438056
Mfa of Clostridium Acetobutylicum Pathway: the Role of Glucose and Xylose on the Acid Formation/uptake 337
Raganati F., Procentese A., Olivieri G., Russo M.E., Salatino P., Marzocchella A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438057
Process Simulation of Biobutanol Production from Lignocellulosic Feedstocks 343
Procentese A., Guida T., Raganati F., Olivieri G., Salatino P., Marzocchella A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438058
Magnetically Modified Agro-industrial Wastes as Efficient and Easily Recoverable Adsorbents for Water Treatment 349
Zuorro A., Lavecchia R., Natali S. DOI:10.3303/CET1438059
Use of Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes for the Production of High-quality Functional Products from Tomato Processing Waste 355
Zuorro A., Lavecchia R., Medici F., Piga L. DOI:10.3303/CET1438060
Effect of Calcination on Orange Peels Characteristics: Application of an Industrial Dye Adsorption 361
Khalfaoui A., Bendjamaa I., Bensid T., Meniai A.H., Derbal K. DOI:10.3303/CET1438061
Biotechnology and Art
Insights Into the Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen Source on Hydrogen Production by Photosynthetic Bacteria 367
Oliveira T.V., Bessa L.O., Oliveira F.S., Ferreira J.S., Batista F.R.X., Cardoso V. DOI:10.3303/CET1438062
Polyphenols Concentration’s Effect on the Biogas Production by Wastes Derived from Olive Oil Production 373
Battista F., Fino D., Ruggeri B. DOI:10.3303/CET1438063
Fed-batch Production of Endoglucanase with a Recombinant Industrial Strain of the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 379
Falco F.C., Landi C., Paciello L., Zueco J., Parascandola P. DOI:10.3303/CET1438064
Batch and Continuous Culture of Hemicellulosic Hydrolysate from Sugarcane Bagasse for Lipids Production 385
Xavier M.C.A., Franco T.T. DOI:10.3303/CET1438065
Determination of Drugs in Biological Sample by Using Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles and Hplc 391
Enayati Ahangar L., Movassaghi K., Bahrami F., Enayati M., Chianese A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438066
Utilization of Pitted Dates for the Production of Highly Concentrated Fructose Syrups by S. Cerevisiae 397
Putra M.D., Abasaeed A.E., Ali E.M., Sulieman A.K., Gaily M.H., Zeinelabdeen M.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438067
Effect of Lactic Acid Bacteria on Quality and Safety of Ready-to-eat Sliced Cured/smoked Meat Products 403
Jacome S.L., Fonseca S., Pinheiro R., Todorov S., Noronha L., Silva J., Gomes A., Pintado M., Morais A.M.M.B., Teixeira P., Vaz-Velho M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438068
Immobilization of Endo (1?4) ?-d-glucanase from Bacillus Licheniformis Kibge-ib2 Using Agar-agar as Support for Continuous Use 409
Karim A., Qader S.A.U., Nawaz A., Aman A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438069
Biotechnological Production of Xylitol: Evaluation of Detoxification Process with Residual Lignin Using Response Surface Methodology 415
Santos Lima F.C., Silva F.L.H., Gomes J.P., Muniz M.B., Santiago Â.M., Silva C.G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438070
Intracellular Lipase Production by Yarrowia Lipolytica Using Different Carbon Sources 421
Nunes P., Martins A.B., Santa Brigida A.I., Miguez Da Rocha Leao M.H., Amaral P. DOI:10.3303/CET1438071
Adaptation of Scheffersomyces Stipitis Cells as a Strategy to the Improvement of Ethanol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse Hemicellulosic Hydrolysate 427
Silva D.D.V., Arruda P.V., Dussan K.J., Felipe M.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438072
Dilute-acid Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Glucose from Sugarcane Bagasse 433
Dussan K.J., Silva D.D.V., Moraes E.J.C., Arruda P.V., Felipe M.G.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438073
Application and Construction of a Biosensor Using Graphite Rod and Bean, Phaseolus Vulgaris L., for Phenol Detection 439
Mihos F., Silva L., Salgado A., Maggesissi M.R. DOI:10.3303/CET1438074
Analysis of Biomass Characteristics in Mbr and Mb-mbr Systems Fed with Synthetic Wastewater: Influence of a Gradual Salinity Increase 445
Di Bella G., Di Trapani D., Freni G., Torregrossa M., Viviani G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438075
Direct Energy Balance of Anaerobic Digestion (ad) Toward Sustainability 451
Luongo Malave A.C., Sanfilippo S., Fino D., Ruggeri B. DOI:10.3303/CET1438076
Glutathione-sensitive Nanogels for Drug Release 457
Adamo G., Grimaldi N., Campora S., Sabatino M.A., Dispenza C., Ghersi G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438077
Auxotrophic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strains as New Performers in Ethanol Production 463
Paciello L., Parascandola P., Landi C. DOI:10.3303/CET1438078
Process Development for Maltodextrins and Glucose Syrup from Cassava 469
Lambri M., Dordoni R., Roda A., De Faveri D.M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438079
Evaluation of 1,3-propanediol Production from Glycerine by Clostridium Butyricum Ncimb 8082 475
Ferreira T., Saab V., Matos P., Ribeiro C.M., Coelho M.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438080
Hydrogen Production by Dark Fermentation 481
Cardoso V., Romao B.B., Silva F.T.M., Santos J.G., Batista F.R.X., Ferreira J.S. DOI:10.3303/CET1438081
Second Generation Ethanol Production Using Crude Enzyme Complex Produced by Fungi Collected in Brazilian Cerrado (brazilian Savanna) 487
Fischer J., Lopes V., Santos E.F.Q., Coutinho Filho U., Cardoso V. DOI:10.3303/CET1438082
Aerobic Granular Sludge for Leachate Treatment 493
Di Bella G., Torregrossa M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438083
Addition of Strawberry, Raspberry and “pitanga” Pulps Improves the Physical Properties of Symbiotic Yoghurts 499
Bueno L., Silva T.M.S., Perina N., Bogsan C., Oliveira M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438084
Formulation of Different Chitosan Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Repair 505
Saladino S., Di Leonardo E., Salamone M., Mercuri D., Segatti F., Ghersi G. DOI:10.3303/CET1438085
Effect of Starting Ph on the Produced Methane from Dairy Wastewater in Thermophilic Phase 511
Kheireddine B., Derbal K., Bencheikh-Lehocine M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438086
Cell Factories
Investigation of Cell Dynamics in Vitro by Time Lapse Microscopy and Image Analysis 517
Ascione F., Caserta S., Perris R., Guido S. DOI:10.3303/CET1438087
Exoelectrogenic Activity of a Green Microalgae, Chlorella Vulgaris, in a Bio-photovoltaic Cells (bpvs) 523
De Caprariis B., De Filippis P., Di Battista A., Di Palma L., Scarsella M. DOI:10.3303/CET1438088
Flow Cytometry as a Tool to Verify Media Influence in Bio-oil Accumulation by Yarrowia Lipolytica 529
Kameda E., Martins F., Amaral P., Valoni E., Coelho M.A. DOI:10.3303/CET1438089