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CAMURE11-ISMR10 Secretariat & Organization

c/o The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering
& AIDIC Servizi Srl
Via Giuseppe Colombo 81/A
20133 Milano (Italy)

Phone: +39-02-70608276

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The first CAMURE (Catalysis in Multiphase Reactor) meeting was launched in 1994 (Lyon-France), followed by other venues in Toulouse (France )1998, Naples (Italy) 2000, Lausanne (Switzerland) 2002, Portorose (Slovenia) 2005.
In 2005, in correspondence of the Symposium held in Portorose CAMURE was merged with ISMR (International Symposium on Multifunctional Reactors). The previous ISMR meetings were taken at Amsterdam (The Netherland) 1999, Nuremberg (Germany) 2001, Bath (United Kingdom) 2003. After 2005 the two merged symposia were held at Pune (India) 2007, Montreal (Canada) 2009, Naantali (Finland) 2011, again Lyon 2014, Quindao (China) 2017 and at last Milano (Italy) 2020.
The reason of merging the two symposia was the idea that enlarging the platform of discussion on respectively multiphase catalytic systems and multifunctional reactors can produce a positive synergetic effect in both the fields.
CAMURE and ISMR joined Symposia offer an international interdisciplinary forum for exchanging information about the progress achieved in the world on: catalysis in multiphase reactors and on the behavior of multifunctional reactors considering in particular the importance of: catalytic action, chemical kinetics, heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics in reactor modeling.
These topics have been gradually enriched considering many other different aspects such as: process intensification, catalysts design, membrane reactors, bioreactors, bio catalysis and sustainable chemical processes with the scope to favor the interdisciplinary scientific and technological approach to all the mentioned topics.
The International Scientific Committee (ISC) is composed of well reputed scientists operating in the field and active in the symposium organization. After the symposium held in China (2017) the ISC is coordinated by two elected chairmen that are Prof. Claude De Bellefon (France) and Faiçal Larachi (Canada).