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CAMURE11-ISMR10 Secretariat & Organization

c/o The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering
& AIDIC Servizi Srl
Via Giuseppe Colombo 81/A
20133 Milano (Italy)

Phone: +39-02-70608276

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The Symposia originally scheduled in Milano, Italy, is held in pure virtual format at the same date.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to bring you the Symposia virtually instead of in person, it is our hope that this unprecedented experience of a virtual Conference is welcome and supported by the community.

Our goal is to provide attendees with a valuable virtual conference that encompasses all aspects of the in-person Conference, including presentations with Q&A, ways to interact with participants and opportunities of networking among all of those in attendance.

LOGIN data is sent to registered participants on Friday, March 19th



CAMURE11 & ISMR10 will be held virtually into the Framework "VIRVIS" (owned by AIDIC) propely created for the Virtual Presentation of Conferences in a proprietary Web Private Server.


The general theme of CAMURE-11 & ISMR-10 will be:
"Role of the interface in chemical and biochemical engineering processes"
The Symposium provides a platform for discussing the latest progress in the field of multiphase catalytic systems and multifunctional reactors, following both the scientific and the technological interdisciplinary approach.
The ultimate scope is to pursue more efficient chemical and biochemical reactors, more efficient catalytic systems, more valuable chemical engineering reactor design and simulation.


The Symposium is structured in invited Plenary Lectures and in selected Lecture presentations.
The event is held in pure virtual format.


The corresponding authors of 30 selected abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper to be published in a special issue of Ind. Eng. & Chem. Research devoted to the Symposium.

Plenary Lectures


Volker Hessel - Australia

'Disruptive technology scenarios opened by flow chemistry and process intensification for industry transformation


Andrei Khodakov - France

Catalyst nanoconfinement and promotion for synthesis of platform molecules from renewable feedstocks


Kin Kuok Mimi Hii - UK

Catalysis in Flow


Inmaculada Ortiz - Spain

Membrane reactors: From fundamentals to future perspectives


Vivek V. Ranade - UK

Waste biomass to biogas via cavitation and anaerobic digestion