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NOSE2024 Secretariat & Organization

c/o The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering
& AIDIC Servizi Srl
Via Giuseppe Colombo 81/A
20133 Milano (Italy)

Phone: +39-02-70608276

Main Contact

Treasury & Payments (please indicate the name of the conference in the Subject of the email request)


NOSE2024 will take a series of presentation and discussion in invited plenary lectures, lecture presentations and poster sessions.

1. Odour regulation & relevant standards
-National/international new regulations
-Technical standards and revisions

2. Sources sampling and characterization
-Area sources
-Sampling hoods
-Laboratory odour potential estimation

3. Chemical characterization of odours
-GC analysis
-Identification of odorants
-Analytical techniques
-Speciation of complex mixtures

4. Sensorial measurements
-Dynamic olfactometry
-Hedonic tone
-Field inspection

5. Odour & gas sensing
-Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems IOMS
-Electronic noses
-Real-time odour monitoring
-Performance verification
-Machine learning applied to sensor data

6. Community participation
-Citizen science
-Odour reports

7. Toxicity and health
-Panel exposure risk assessment
-Odorants' toxicity
-Risk evaluation for residents and workers exposed to odours

8. Dispersion modelling
-Odour impact assessment
-Models intercomparison
-Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
-Peak concentration values
-Model validation
-Inverse dispersion modelling

9. Odour emission control
-Odour abatement technologies and methods
-Operational parameters optimization
-Abatement efficiency