General Information



Bertucco A. - University of Padova, Italy
Bravi M. - University of Rome, Italy
Brucato A. - University of Palermo, Italy
Fava F. - University of Bologna, Italy
Keshavarz T. - University of Westminster, UK
Marzocchella A. - University of Naples, Italy
Nienow A.W. - University of Birmingham, UK
Vandamme E. - University of Ghent, Belgium
Vardar Sukan F. - Ege University,Turkey


Barbanti P. - Pharma&Biotech Advisors, Italy
Bolzonella D. - University of Verona, Italy
Desmet T. - Ghent University, Belgium
Ghersi G. - University of Palermo, Italy
La Carrubba V. - University of Palermo, Italy
Olivieri G. - University of Napoli "Federico II", Italy
Pavan P. - University of Venezia "Ca' Foscari", Italy
Teixeira Franco T. - University of Campinas, Brazil
Zuorro A. - University of Roma "La Sapienza", Italy


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July 20, 2017-Abstract Submission Deadline

July 31, 2017-Abstract Acceptance

October 15, 2017-Manuscript Submission Deadline

December 15, 2017-Manuscript Acceptance

February 22, 2018-Early Registration Deadline

March 15, 2018-Preliminary Programme

April 15, 2018-Conference