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20133 Milano (Italy)

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DaET Programme
Day 1 - October 13th, 2022: Transition to new Energy Vectors
Chairman: prof. Alessandro Galia (University of Palermo)
14:00 Welcome and presentation of the initiative GRICU, AIDIC and organizing committee
14:10 Introduction to Day 1 A. Galia, University of Palermo
14:15 Hydrogen: processes and technologies S. Bensaid, Polytechnic of Turin
15:10 Ammonia: processes and technologies M. De Joannon, CNR-STEMS
16:10 Salinity gradient power technologies for energy production, conversion and storage A. Cipollina, University of Palermo
17:10 Hydrogen distribution S. Panzacchi, SNAM
18:00 Conclusion of Day 1 A. Galia, University of Palermo
Day 2- October 14th, 2022: Biofuels and Biomass
Chairman: prof. Fabrizio Scala (University of Naples Federico II)
14:00 Introduction to Day 2 F. Scala, University of Naples Federico II
14:05 From oil and gas to biofeedstocks: availability, conversion processes, the biorefinery concept P. Salatino - University of Naples Federico II
15:00 Biomass, biofuels, and biorefineries: biochemical processes M. Majone - University of Rome La Sapienza
16:00 Biomass, biofuels, and biorefineries: thermochemical processes L. Tognotti - University of Pisa
17:00 PROESA®: Break-through Technology for Producing Advanced Bio-Fuels and Renewable Chemicals F. Mantovani - Versalis
18:00 Conclusion of Day 2 F. Scala, University of Naples Federico II
Day 3- October 20th, 2022: Decarbonization and integration of renewable energy in existing processes
Chairman: prof. Debora Fino - Polytechnic of Turin
14:00 Introduction to Day 3 D. Fino - Polytechnic of Turin
14:05 Power-to-X: Heat to Fuels M. Antonini - Hysytech
15:00 Solar heat/power for industrial processes A. Giaconia - ENEA
16:00 Decarbonization of hard-to-abate industrial sectors: overview on economical constraints and opportunities D. Chiaramonti - Polytechnic of Turin
17:00 Navigating the energy transition: technology solutions to decarbonise the petrochemical value chains D. Winch - JM Low Carbon Solutions
18:00 Conclusion of Day 3 D. Fino - Polytechnic of Turin
Day 4- October 21st, 2022: Carbon capture, utilization and storage
Chairman: prof. Fabrizio Bezzo - University of Padova
14:00 Introduction to Day 4 F. Bezzo - University of Padova
14:05 Carbon capture and sequestration: technologies, opportunities and challenges F. Bezzo - University of Padova
15:00 CO2 to platform molecules - thermo/electrical routes S. Hernandez - Polytechnic of Turin
16:00 CO2 to platform molecules - biochemical routes T. Tommasi - Polytechnic of Turin
17:00 The role of CCUS in the decarbonization of the cement industry: technologies, challenges, perspectives M. Romano - Polytechnic of Milan
18:00 Conclusion of Day 4 F. Bezzo - University of Padova
Day 5- October 27th, 2022: Safety and sustainability of decarbonization technologies
Chairman: prof. Valerio Cozzani - University of Bologna
14:00 Introduction to Day 5 V. Cozzani - University of Bologna
14:05 Risk management and trade-off in the framework of technologies for energy transition V. Cozzani - University of Bologna
15:00 The importance of life cycle assessment for the early sustainability assessment of emerging energy technologies S. Cucurachi - University of Leiden
16:00 Life Cycle Assessment of conventional and innovative waste-to-energy technologies U. Arena - University of Campania L. Vanvitelli
17:00 Safe Hydrogen Fuel Handling and Use for Efficient Implementation - SH2IFT project N. Paltrinieri - NTNU
18:00 Conclusion of Day 5 V. Cozzani - University of Bologna
Day 6- October 28th, 2022: Chemical recycling and Carbon-negative processes
Chairman: prof. Alessio Frassoldati - Polytechnic of Milan
14:00 Introduction to Day 6 A. Frassoldati - Polytechnic of Milan
14:05 Waste recovery and recycling by pyrolysis and gasification processes: state of the art, open issues and future directions M. Pelucchi - Polytechnic of Milan
15:00 The role of CCS and CCU in delivering negative emissions for a climate neutral society M. Mazzotti - ETH Zurich
16:00 Store&Go Project D. Trimis - Karlsruhe Institut of Technology
17:00 An outlook on future directions of Process Decarbonization G. De Santi, EC JRC
17:30 A holistic perspective on Energy Transition A. Tilche, Member of the Strategic Committee of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures
18:00 Conclusion of the School G. Veronesi, EFCE President