The full set of accepted papers of PRES'07 Conference (in the form of short papers of 6 pages) will be published into " Chemical Engineering Transactions (AIDIC Copyright) that will be distributed at the Conference desk.
A CD rom copy will be also distributed.
A copy will be available in advance for consultation in this AIDIC web site.

Special Issue
Selected papers will appear in full size in the special issues of the following journals:

* Applied Thermal Engineering
Editor-in-Chief: Prof David A Reay, DRA Ltd, Tyne and Wear, UK

* Heat Transfer Engineering
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Afshin J. Ghajar, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA

* Journal of Cleaner Production
General Editor: Prof. Don Huisingh, Center for Cleaner Products and Clean Technologies,
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

* Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Journal Chief Editor: Dr Ernst Worrell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA

* Integrated Processes and Energy Saving
Member of the Editorial Board: Prof Petro Kapustenko, Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute University, Kharkiv, Ukraine

* Drying Technology - an International Journal
Member of the Editorial Board: Dr Tadeusz Kudra, CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Canada

* ENERGY - The International Journal
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Noam Lior, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6315, USA

* Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Subhas K. Sikdar, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, United States Environmental Protection Agency, 26 West Martin Luther King Drive, Cincinnati, OH, 45268, USA