In recent years, population's environmental awareness has grown remarkably. This fact, together with an increased care towards human health and wellbeing issues, has brought non conventional pollutants like odours to be included among the fundamental parameters for environmental impact evaluation. It is now universally recognized and scientifically proved that odours generally don't directly represent a risk for human health, but also that the exposure to odours may cause different negative effects on human beings, ranging from emotional stresses to physical symptoms. Odour nuisance problems are particularly worrying when more industrial activities exist near residential areas. This is often the case, given to the expansion of cities, which has brought industrial poles to be englobed within urban boundaries.
This event focuses on recent regulatory approaches for the evaluation of the exposure to odours, and on the developments for the optimization and standardization of odour sampling and assessment methods, as well as odour control and abatement strategies. The conference should represent a possibility for the members of the increasing community of people involved in odour assessment and control to meet, exchange views, and achieve a better understanding of the specific aspects relevant to odour problems.


in collaboration with

Olfactometric Laboratory - Politecnico di Milano