ITALIANS ONLY - Dal 1° gennaio 2019 il partecipante italiano è obbligato a ricevere la fattura elettronica che può essere ottenuta:
Per le fatture da intestare ad una P.IVA
: proseguire con la compilazione di questa scheda, fornendo un Codice Destinatario di 7 cifre oppure un indirizzo PEC

Per le fatture da intestare ad un privato con CF:
proseguire con la compilazione di questa scheda inserendo un indirizzo PEC (opzionale)
Per le fatture da
intestare direttamente ad un Ente Universitario con SCISSIONE DEI PAGAMENTI usare la scheda apposita cliccare qui

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Each participant wishing to attend the conference needs a valid registration.
The fee includes: participation to technical sessions as listener; proceedings (online), certificate of participation.


1) AIDIC reserves the right to remove from the NINE2021 Conference any attendee who fails to comply with any of the following terms, or any other reasonable request of AIDIC conference management. Attendees who are removed from the event will not be entitled to a refund of any expenses
2) Assumption of Risk & Legal Release: Your participation in the NINE2021 Conference is voluntary, and carries certain risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. By registering for and attending the Conferences, you knowingly assume all such inherit risks, and agree to release and hold harmless AIDIC, its employees, vendors, agents, and contractors, from all alleged or actual liability, claims, actions, lawsuits, damages, or losses, of any kind (including attorney's fees), which arise out of or result from your attendance at and participation in the event.
3) During the NINE2021 Conference there is a possibility you will be photographed and recorded. By checking this box I give my consent for the use of my images in advertising, marketing and promotion of the AIDIC conference and any of its products or services
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5) hereby declare that I have received and understood AIDIC Data Protection Policy. By checking this box I consent to the AIDIC team (including third parties) handling my personal data for administration and marketing purposes, in connection with my participation in the NINE2021 Conference. To view the Data Protection Policy, please click here

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All payments are made to
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A registration is valid and confirmed only when the payment of the registration fee is completed and the invoice issued.
Payments are accepted only by credit card.
Registration fee is a service and not a good therefore it is subjected to 22% VAT taxes for all countries.
exempt institutions have to inform the secretariat in advance, indicating the relevant article of the law, to be written into the invoice.

According to the Italian Law, for invoicing we need VAT number (P. IVA) of the Organization who makes the payment.
This is compulsory for EU participants and also for many other non Eu Countries: all registrations without VAT number (P. IVA) cannot be proceeded.

If your Organization doesn't have a VAT number, it should have an identification number or a code under which it is registered in your Country.
If you pay the fee as private person, we need your home address and fiscal code.

Cancellations before March1. 2021 will be charged by 25% costs.
Beyond such date the registration fee will not be refunded.
Only written cancellations will be accepted (a confirmation should reach you after 2 days, otherwise it has to be resubmitted).
Substitutions will be accepted at any time, provided they are notified to the Secretariat in advance.
Conference material will NOT be mailed.
We reserve the right to change the program at any time.

The organisers cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to private property of participants arising from the Conference. Participants should therefore take whatever actions they consider proper for their insurance.