Scope of the Conference

The successful series of the European Conferences on Mixing was started (Cambridge, UK, 1974) in response to the need to offer a forum where experts in mixing technology from the academic world, research centres and industry could meet, examine the latest developments in the discipline and discuss their application in the chemical and process industry.
The ambition of the 12th Conference, that will be held at Bologna, Italy, is to enforce this mission. Contributions regarding scientific advancements and technological developments in fluid liquid mixing and multiphase contacting processes in both stirred vessels and motionless mixers are, therefore, invited.
Mixing of solids is not within the scope of this conference.
Oral and poster presentations will be delivered in this three day international meeting in the usual format - all arranged in non-parallel sessions.


Cambridge, UK, 1974
Cambridge, UK, 1976
York, UK, 1979
Noordwijkerhout, NL, 1982
Würzburg, Germany, 1985
Pavia, Italy, 1988
Brugge, Belgium, 1991
Cambridge, UK, 1994
Paris, France, 1997,
Delft, NL, 2000
Bamberg, Germany, 2003