ICheaP-8 & PRES'07 3rd JOINT EVENT
The aim of the joint event of the two conferences is to facilitate meeting of academic researchers and industrial experts from wide field of process engineering. Participants are free to attend sessions of either conference without additional registration fee.

The two conferences will be

Date and venue Organisational items
Registration fee
Social programs

Scientific Committees
Acceptance of papers
Conference sessions

The same paper may not be submitted to both conferences.
Each registered Author should present only one paper

4 Reasons(at least) to join ICheaP-8

  1. You will realize that the International reputation of ICheaP series makes it an Italian opportunity offered to an International Participation. The official language is, since ever, English.

  2. You will open a window for your ideas to a high qualified Industrial and Academic audience.

  3. The Proceedings will be published into " Chemical Engineering Transactions" (AIDIC copyright). You will have the challenge to submit an extended version of your accepted paper for publication into AIDIC Conference Series (ReedBusiness copyright) as 1 over 6 of ICheaP-8 best papers.

  4. Last but not the least, ICheaP-8 will offer you all the Conference facilities in one of the most beautiful place in Italy at an extremely competitive cost.