May 23-26, 2021


Each entitled participant may upload the required materials
only from the personal webpage
The description of the possible materials is here below reported:


Lectures, Posters & Plenary Lectures are recorded as a movie and saved as .mp4 file.
Each speaker is asked to record his own presentation in a file that will last:

-standard Lecture, no more than 15-18 minutes (total slot is of 20 min. including Q&A);
- Poster presentation, no more than 3min. (no Q&A);
- Plenary Lecture, no more than 35 minutes

Please note that only the Speaker, among the possible co-authors, has to prepare the presentation and upload it into the system.

It is up to the speaker to decide how to prepare his/her mp4 file. The simplest way is to use Powerpoint, (option: record the presentation) and export it as mp4 file.
You may read a tutorial that shows how to prepare the presentation with Powerpoint (please do not trust the information on timing/dates there contained)



Each poster associates a .pdf file showing the poster in one page. It is the same format that is normally used for e-poster or hard- poster. See general rules for its preparation.
In addition, a short presentation (max 3 minutes) is added as .mp4 file, using the same rules of Lecture & Plenary



Each speaker should upload:
a brief CV ( max 5 Lines) as a .doc(x) file
a photo as jpg file (the privacy agreement should be signed)



All the people entitled to attend the virtual symposium (non Speakers) are invited to submit their own photo as jpg file. ( A privacy agreement should be signed)




ICHEAP15 is included into the Framework "VIRVIS" (owned by AIDIC) propely created for the Virtual Presentation of Conferences in a proprietary Web Private Server.