Guidelines for LECTURE presentations

Each presentation room will be equipped with a PC and an LCD projector.
The default software for presentation is PowerPoint running on Microsoft OS.
Speakers can NOT use their own laptop.
Laser presentation pointers can be provided upon request of the Chair person and depending on availability.

Lectures will be presented in parallel sessions.
Each Standard presentation must not exceed 20 minutes.
Each Plenary presentation must not exceed 40 minutes.

This time includes the introduction of the speaker by the chairperson, the presentation and the discussion.

The presentation should start with a title sheet (title of the presentation, authors and affiliation).
Please keep the number of slides limited to avoid overload of the audience.

To avoid time losses due to technical issues, speakers are kindly requested to test their presentation well beforehand (suggested: half a day in advance).
Please prepare a good quality portable PDF version of the presentation in the case other formats are not supported by the PC.

Speakers are also invited to reach the conference room 10 minutes before the session beginning and introduce themselves to the chairperson, possibly bringing a brief CV.

Chair persons are kindly asked to strictly maintain the schedule. In the case of no-show, no other presentation should be moved to the vacant slot.


Please be on time, arrive in the presentation room at least 10 minutes prior to the session start time.
Meet the hostess to check that everything is in good order; ask the hostess in case of technical difficulties.
Just before the session begins, briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing system to the audience (15 minutes for presentation, plus additional 5 minutes for questions and change of speaker).
Start the session on time.
Warn speakers that timing must be kept; firmly close the presentation at minute 19 to allow for change of speaker.
Please check in advance the schedule of your session and watch for possible Corrigenda.
In case of withdrawn presentation or no-show, no other presentation should be moved to the vacant slot.