JMP Workshop: Advanced Predictive Modeling Techniques without Coding

Workshop presented by:
Volker Kraft, PhD

Duration: 1 hours
Predictive Modeling Techniques are essential for any Chemical Engineer who wants to transform data into insight.
This session will demonstrate some advanced but very practical real-world applications, including Rapid Modeling, Deep Learning and Functional Data Analysis.
Focussing on statistical thinking rather than programming will emphasize the value of these demonstrations for teaching and learning data analytics.
After attending this workshop participants will be able to: - understand how to build better predictive models, e.g. using model screening, model comparison and profiling - learn about specialized modeling tools, e.g. for spectral data analysis or image classification - get access to free resources to learn or teach these methods

JMP Pro is the leading statistical discovery software used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, offering tools that are intuitively interactive, compellingly visual and statistically deep.
All techniques and applications will be demonstrated live using the freshly released JMP Pro v18, available in almost every university in the world (or offered as a low-cost academic license where not available yet) for teaching and research.
The demo content from this workshop plus recommended case studies and other teaching material will be shared with the participants. Pre-knowledge in statistics, functional data or JMP are not required.

Short bio:

Volker Kraft is Principal Academic Ambassador for JMP in Europe, fostering and supporting the use of JMP in teaching and research. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and used statistical methods extensively in his research in communication acoustics.
In later positions he developed a passion for customer advocacy. Drawing on this experience and the success of JMP's Academic Program globally, Volker is charged with enabling academics in Europe to get the most from JMP.