Pre-conference Workshop

OntoCAPE: Essence and Applications

Sunday June 6, 2010

Aims and content
OntoCAPE is a comprehensive ontology framework designed for multiple applications in the domain of computer-aided process engineering (CAPE). As the result of nearly two decades of research in knowledge representation and information modelling applied to chemical engineering, under the leadership of Prof Wolfgang Marquardt of RWTH Aachen University, OntoCAPE is intended to offer a useable and reusable knowledge model, laying out a solid semantic foundation for developing modern software solutions to support various tasks of process engineering.

Targeting on an audience with academic or industrial interests in modelling the information and knowledge of process engineering and/or applying information/knowledge models and semantics technologies in CAPE, this workshop is aimed to provide a clear presentation of the overall structure and the key components of OntoCAPE, to showcase the applications of OntoCAPE, and to offer insights on practical issues pertaining to the adoption and the adaptation of OntoCAPE by the CAPE community and beyond. As such, the audience will be able to gain a good understanding of the essence of OntoCAPE and also appreciate ways of how to make use of OntoCAPE to benefit their own work.

Schedule and format
The workshop will be held from 13:00 to 16:00 (local time) on Sunday the 6th of June, at the conference venue. It will include three tutorials to be delivered by the developers and the key researchers of OntoCAPE from RWTH Aachen University and University of Surrey. Interactive Q&A sessions will be arranged between and after the tutorials. Detailed information on the titles and speakers of the tutorials and the concrete location of the workshop will be announced shortly.

Attending the workshop is free to all the ESCAPE-20 participants.
To facilitate the organisation and the preparation of the workshop, please express your intention of participation by sending an email to
by 31st of May.
If you have any enquiries about the workshop, please contact Dr Aidong Yang (