"ESCAPE20" will be held at
Hotel Continental Terme
ISCHIA Porto, Italy
Via Michele Mazzella, 74

Ischia is famous all over the world and doesn't need presentations.
This island has many thermo-mineral springs, known for their curative effects since the VII century b. C., because of its volcanic origin. An interesting thermal water basin is situated on the axis connecting the extinct volcano of Fiaiano with the "Fishermen's Beach" at Ischia Ponte. Right in this area, in the locality known as "FONDO BOSSO", is Hotel Continental Terme. The unusual fascinating architecture expressed in Mediterranean style buildings, the 30,000 sqm large surrounding park, the spacious interiors, the boutiques and an uncommon range of services make the HOTEL CONTINENTAL TERME an island of comfort and beauty nestling in the heart of Ischia.

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The climate Ischia's climate has the dry heat typical of the Mediterranean. There is an annual rainfall of about 985mm. The orographical conformation of the island means that some areas get more rain than others; there is more rainfall in the north east. The moderate height of Epomeo is not sufficient to obstruct the free passage of air currents, so it only affects the rising winds coming from the sea onto the island, while the process of condensation reaches its full potential right above the island itself. The cloud and vapour carrier winds are Mediterranean ones, namely the scirocco (south-easterly) and libeccio (south-westerly), which are common in the spring.

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