The whole set of themes for ESCAPE-20 cover the usual scope of ESCAPE conferences, from off-line design to on-line systems, including numerical and computational methods, integrated and multiscale modelling and new opportunities. ESCAPE-20 will include a rich programme of guest speeches and keynote talks from leaders in science and industry.

1- Fundamental in Computational & Numerical methods
Software Architectures and Computing Frameworks for CAPE
Parallel, Distributed and Grid Applications
Large Scale Systems: Algebraic, DAE, PDAE
Nonlinear, Mixed-Integer, Stochastic Programming
Multi-Objective, Multiperiod, Global Optimization

2- CAPE and Society
loss prevention
safety promotion
environmental protection
energy saving
emission detections : odour, noises, particulate matter

3- Off-line Systems
Integrated Product and Process Design
Integrated multi scale Modelling and Simulation
Process intensification and costs reduction
Business decision support and business globalisation

4- On-line Systems
Optimization and Optimal Process Control and Operations
Process Dynamics
Industrial Applications and Case Studies

5- CAPE and new opportunities
System Biology and Biological Processes
Food processing
Material processes
Climate changes
Human life cycle