Lectures will be shown only by PC projectors.
Lectures will be presented in four parallel sessions: Room Pithecusa, Room Primavera, Room Nitrodi A and Room Nitrodi B.
Each presentation must not exceed 20 minutes, including discussion, except for the plenary and key-note lectures (40 minutes with discussion).
This time includes the introduction of the speaker by the chairperson, the presentation and the discussion.
The presentation should start with a title sheet (title of the presentation, authors and affiliation).
Please keep the number of slides limited to avoid overload of the audience.

An LDC projector and a PC will be provided. The presentation must be compatible with Windows XP, and Office 2003.
The speaker of each paper should upload and inspect the presentation file before the session beginning (suggested: half a day in advance). Speakers are also invited to reach the conference room 15 minutes before the session beginning and introduce themselves to the chairperson.