May 23-26, 2021


The Conference will contain 4 different areas:


The Conference will be divided into parallelel sessions each one located in a proper "room".
The idea is to show the whole content of the Conference as it would be in the real case.
Each session is chaired by a Chairperson that will introduce the Speaker and the Lecture.
The Lecture is prerecorded by the Speaker. At the end of each Lecture the Question & Answer slot is open. All the participants can put questions and receive answers by the speaker in live mode.
There will be two morning sessions separated by a break, followed by two afternoon sessions. Morning and afternoon sessions will be separated by a lunch break.



All the presentations, divided in Plenary, Lecture and Poster are here available after their presentation at the Conference, at any time 24 hours a day until May 27th. Each participant can see the pdf file of the paper as it is published into the proceedings and the mp4 file of the presentation. He/she may access to a Questions & Answers area where he/she can write questions and receive answers as a text. All the Questions and Answers are visible to all the participants.


In this area, each participant may have live chat (at least audio, but probably also video) in a one to one conversation. The possibility to have meetings with more than two person is investigated.
In practice when you enter this area you will inform all the participants that you are present and available for conversation. You will see all the participants (here their photo will play a key role) and you may decide with whom you may chat. The subject of the chat is free and open to the participant wishes.

This area is open during the Breaks between Sessions in each day of the Conference.



Here we report the communications from the organizers, you may download brochures, leaflets and whatever is useful to the knowledge of the Conference. You may here upload general comments and evaluations on the event.
Also the presentation of EFF2021 and all the relevant information will be available here.
We will report here all the statistics of the event, including data on Q&A, Presentation evaluations etc. etc..





EFF2021 is included into the Framework "VIRVIS" (owned by AIDIC) propely created for the Virtual Presentation of Conferences in a proprietary Web Private Server.