Nanomaterials production and characterization
NP1 Advanced nanomaterials production technologies
NP2 Synthesis and degradation of nanocomposites
NP3 Nanomaterials from wastes
NP4 Health and safety applications concerning nanomaterials
Nanomaterials development for environmental applications and sustainable energy
ND1 Nanosensors and bio-nanosensors for environmental characterization and monitoring
ND2 Nanomaterial for fuel cells and microbial fuel cells
ND3 Nano materials for batteries and supercapacitors
ND4 Hydrogen production
Nano-based soil, water and wastewater treatment processes
NW1 Nanoparticles for groundwater treatment
NW2 Nano adsorbent for water and wastewater treatment
NW3 UV, Ozone, Fenton oxidation for wastewater treatment (nano-catalyst and reagents)
NW4 In situ soil oxidation
NW5 Nanomaterials as permeable reactive barriers
Nanostructured materials for advanced remediation processes
NM1 Photocatalysis for air and water treatment
NM2 Nanomaterials for CO2 conversion
NM3 Nanoparticles for pollutant extraction from water and soil
Membrane processes for the environment
MP1 Water and wastewater purification
MP2 Membrane application to biorefinery
MP3 Membrane waste management
MP4 Membrane fouling