Hydrogen production
  HY1 Steam Reforming, Autothermal Reforming, Catalytic partial oxidation
  HY2 Electrolysis: Alkaline, PEM and Solid oxide
  HY3 Electric steam reforming, membrane reforming
  HY4 Thermochemical cycles
  HY5 Biomass, Wastes and renewable-based technologies
  HY6 Photolytic Processes
Hydrogen storage, transportation and distribution
  HY7 Physical storage: cryogenic systems, compressed gas
  HY8 Chemical storage: carbon structures, hydrides
  HY9 Hydrogen/methane mixture
  H10 Distribution network
Hydrogen Utilization
  H11 Fuel Cell development
  H12 Stationary power and transport applications
  H13 Electric grid management
  H14 Experimental feedback: demonstrations, industrialization
Cross-cutting themes
  H15 Industrial research and development financing
  H16 Safety, standards and regulations
  H17 Components and materials
  H18 Economics, hydrogen-related policies, investments, finance, social acceptance
  H19 C02 emission, CCS and mineralization in H2 manufacturing processes