Biomass Conversion Analysis
BC1 Solid biofuel Combustion at different scales of application
BC2 Pyrolysis, Torrefaction, Carbonisation and Char production 
BC3 Gasification for Syngas production and Power 
BC4 Bio from Digestion 
BC5 Lignocellulosic ethanol, biomass fermentation 
BC6 Bio to (combined) Refineries 
BC7 Biofuel kinetics and pollutant formation 
Biomass Processes
BP1 Production of solid biofules and feedstock charaterization 
BP2 Biodisel, jet fuels production from oil-based fuels and chemicals from Syngas 
BP3 Technologies for feedstock supply: chipping, pelletising, briqueting 
BP4 Innovative processes from waste 
BP5 Anaerobic digestion processes
BP6 Algae production and processing
Biomass Resources
BR1 Innnovative use of wastes 
BR2 Residue from agriculture and harvesting
BR3 Algae cultivation and supply chain 
BR4 Biomasses from dedicated bioenergy crops 
Biomass Policies
BO1 Life cycle and supply chain 
BO2 Sustainability and impact with environment 
BO3 Agriculatur global planning and intensification 
BO4 Support programmes and strategic goals